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AROUND THE HOUSE Paper hats Play pretend with a fun newspaper hat. They're easy to make.

lfold a sheet of paper horizontally in the middle lwith the folded crease at the top, fold the top corners into the centre of the page, making diagonal creases lfold up the bottom edge - the top layer only - to cover the edge of your diagonal creases lturn the paper over and fold the two bottom outside edges part way to the centre of the paper lcheck if it fits your little one's head, and adjust to fit lfold the bottom edge and put it on their head You can both decorate it however you want - flowers, a pirate skull - let your imagination run wild.

Mirror mirror Who's that? It's you. Babies are amazed by mirrors - because looking in them helps them work out who they are. Look into the mirror with your baby and make faces. Happy, sad, surprised - it's amazing how many faces you can make - and how many funny ones there are. This game helps your little ones understand different emotions and it might make them giggle too.

Trash can be treasure The best play ideas often don't cost a penny. An empty plastic bottle? Don't put it in the bin: it's a space rocket headed for the moon. Or with a little dry rice or pasta, it's a shaker.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 13, 2014
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