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PLATINUM technology's Paradigm Plus now models both business and technology; the first object-oriented analysis and design tool to unify business, database, and object modeling; also supports Visual Basic and Delphi.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 20, 1996--At Object World West today, PLATINUM technology, inc. introduced the next generation of its leading object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) tool.

Paradigm Plus/Enterprise Edition v3.5 is the first OOAD tool to support fully integrated business process modeling, physical database modeling, and object modeling. Paradigm Plus now provides a solid bridge between business processes, applications, and database resources -- helping organizations develop new applications and deploy changes rapidly and with greater ease.

"Paradigm Plus has helped me bridge the communications gap with end-users," said Fima Katz, chief architect of objects, Object Consulting. "I have finally found some common ground between my design efforts and the company's business process re-engineering efforts."

Strengthening support for popular construction tools, this release also supports round-trip engineering for Visual Basic and generates class definitions for Borland's Delphi.

Business Process Modeling

Meeting the needs of business is critical to the success of any rapid application development project. Paradigm Plus v3.5 now supports Object-Oriented Change and Learning (OOCL), a powerful business process modeling methodology, to help end-users and developers gain an equal understanding of the business processes to be automated. OOCL incorporates the "best practices" of organizational learning -- as developed by Innovation Associates, an Arthur D. Little company co-founded by Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of a Learning Organization. Paradigm Plus also supports organizational change management and business process redesign. These OOCL business process models form a natural input to the development process, feeding directly into the use-case, object, and physical database models.

Physical Database Modeling

Access to relational database management systems (RDBMS), where strategic business data is stored, is critical for most applications. But manually mapping OOAD techniques to and from RDBMS tables can be error-prone and time consuming. Paradigm Plus v3.5 now automates this process, providing a range of options for mapping from an object to an entity-relationship-type physical database model.

Paradigm Plus v3.5 fulfills a wide range of modeling needs, from developing a new n-tiered system from scratch using object technology, to maintaining an existing system that accesses legacy data. By accessing physical database models, Paradigm Plus v3.5 can generate or reverse engineer schema for many database environments including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2. The resulting physical database diagram describes relational concepts including segments, tables, columns, primary keys, non-key attributes, domains, validation rules, referential integrity constraints, custom triggers, and stored procedures. The reverse engineering component shares technology with PLATINUM's SQL-Coder product -- fulfilling PLATINUM's promise to re-use existing technology where appropriate.

Object Modeling

With Paradigm Plus' complete round-trip engineering capability for Visual Basic, developers can enjoy the benefits of rapid architected application development (RAAD) -- keeping models and source code synchronized while rapidly developing well-architected systems. This adds to the portfolio of leading construction tools that Paradigm Plus currently supports, including Visual C++, Smalltalk, Powerbuilder, PLATINUM ObjectPro, and Forte. Paradigm Plus v3.5 also now supports Microsoft Word for document generation, and ActiveX automation to make the Paradigm Plus v3.5 ObjectStore ODBMS-based repository open and accessible.

About Paradigm Plus

Paradigm Plus supports Enterprise Component Modeling (ECM), a strategy for rapidly delivering multi-tiered enterprise applications using object technology and component-based development techniques. Using ECM, companies can identify business requirements, model, and build reusable application components, and manage information systems over the long term. PLATINUM Paradigm Plus automates all leading object-oriented methods including Unified v0.9, OMT, Fusion, Booch, Martin/Odell and others extended to support Jacobson's Use-Case modeling. Round-trip engineering for Visual Basic, C++, Smalltalk, Powerbuilder, and Forte enables parallel iterative development and synchronization of designs with implementations. A distributed object repository supports large teams of concurrent users, object-level locking, versioning, and access rights.

Pricing & Availability

Paradigm Plus/Enterprise Edition v3.5 is now available for beta testing. General availability for Windows 95 and Windows NT is expected in October; other platforms will ship throughout the fourth quarter of 1996. The price for a fixed license on a PC platform is $4,000; a floating license on both UNIX and PC platforms is $7,700. Competitive upgrades for users of Select/Enterprise and Rational Rose are available.

Application Lifecycle Solutions

PLATINUM's Application Lifecycle Solutions comprise the most comprehensive and flexible set of tools for enterprise software application development. Application Lifecycle products address every stage of an application's lifecycle -- from project and process management, through analysis and design, construction, testing, configuration and change management, and maintenance. Product and service offerings are designed to yield the maximum payoff on IT and software development. PLATINUM's Application Lifecycle Solutions are part of the company's POEMS architecture, along with business intelligence, database management, data warehousing, and systems management.


Additional information about PLATINUM technology, inc. is available via the World Wide Web at

PLATINUM technology, inc., delivers the payoff on information technology (IT) investments by providing tools that enable organizations to efficiently manage next-generation computing solutions while leveraging existing and legacy systems. The company provides application development, business intelligence, database administration, data warehousing, and systems management software solutions for the Open Enterprise Environment (OEE) -- the networked computing environment that incorporates mainframe, desktop, and open systems.

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