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WE LIVE in a time of change. Unemployment rises, so the number of people wanting to go to university goes up as well.

Tuition fees increase, but the number of university places the government is willing to pay for falls.

These things make the headlines. But it's what has stayed the same that doesn't make the front page.

Barr Beacon School has the same mission - to get its students into university.

They thought the much-hyped rise in tuition fees might put many off, but not Barr Beacon students. Attend the open evening on November 24 to have a look at the exciting places they went to and what they are doing now.

The rationale for everything done at Barr Beacon is "whatever's best for the students". Every decision made stems from this core value.

Traditional academic and carefully selected vocational qualifications have always been favoured at Barr Beacon over those which are easier to achieve and make the school look good in the league tables.

Barr Beacon only offers subjects that universities are asking for and works closely with some of the most prestigious universities in the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick and Birmingham. They tell the school what they want to read on the application forms and the school tells the student. At Barr Beacon they are not too worried about the fall in the number of available places, because as long as you buy into what it is offering - a primarily academic experience under the tutelage of brilliant teachers - you will achieve better grades than the other applicants.

Better grades mean a better chance of getting in. It really is that straightforward.

And Barr Beacon students get the grades. With a 99 per cent pass rate, including 72 per cent at grades A*-C, the school is deservedly proud of last year's examination success. This year will be even better.

Prospective students are urged to attend the open evening to see if it is the sixth form for you. You can ask any of the current or former students about their experiences in the sixth form and their future plans.

They are the school's best ambassadors and it hopes that someday soon you will be too.


Ambassadors: Barr Beacon School students have great prospects.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 10, 2011
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