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PL items beginning to take off. (Photography).

NEW YORK--With photographs holding a special place in people's lives, consumers over the years have been reluctant to entrust their photo-taking experience to products carrying anything but a trusted brand name.

That consideration, however, is quickly changing.

Just as shoppers are becoming more comfortable with private label products in everything from analgesics to cotton balls, they now are embracing store brand photo items.

According to Information Resources Inc. (IRI) data for the 52 weeks ended August 11, private label brands accounted for 6.5% of conventional film sales in mass retail outlets (8.2% in drug stores) and 18.5% of the sales of onetime-use cameras.

Private label's overall film volume actually represents a 4.8% decline from a year earlier (sales increased 2.7% in drug stores). But given that overall mass market sales of film fell 10.9% for the year and such brands as Kodak Gold declined by almost 30%, private label's performance has not been so bad.

In fact, the IRI data shows, overall unit sales of private label film increased by nearly 7% (23.4% in drug stores).

"Consumers are taking a different attitude toward store brands today," comments Ferrania Imaging Technologies U.S. marketing manager Don Cacciola, who notes that a big part of his company's business involves supplying retailers with store brand photography products.

"Store brand film has become a viable alternative for a lot of consumers today because of the quality and value it offers. Also, retailers are doing a better job in merchandising and promoting their store brand products today."


Dollar sales: Total * $699.9 Mil (+3.5%)

Drug stores $335.4 mil. (+3.9%)

Food stores $235.8 mil. (+4.2%)

                                      Market  Dollar sales
Leading brands **    Manufacturer     share      (000)

Max Flash            Eastman Kodak    32.1%     $107,804
Max HQ               Eastman Kodak    10.1%       33,805
Quicksnap Flash      Fuji Photo Film   8.0%       26,771
Max                  Eastman Kodak     6.5%       21,762
Fun Saver            Eastman Kodak     5.9%       19,738
Quicksnap            Fuji Photo Film   5.4%       17,954
Advantix Switchable  Eastman Kodak     2.4%        8,004
Unit sales: Total * 81.6 mil. (+7.4%)

Drug stores 36.1 mil. (+7.4%)

Food stores 26.4 mil. (+11.8%)

                                      Market  Unit sales
Leading brands **    Manufacturer     share     (000)

Max Flash            Eastman Kodak    29.1%     10,488
Quicksnap Flash      Fuji Photo Film   8.6%      3,036
Max HQ               Eastman Kodak     8.5%      3,065
Fun Saver            Eastman Kodak     8.2%      2,945
Quicksnap            Fuji Photo Film   5.8%      2,089
Max                  Eastman Kodak     4.4%      1,601
Advantix Switchable  Eastman Kodak     1.7%        629

For the 52 weeks through August 11, 2002.

* Total of drug stores, supermarkets and discount stores excluding
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

** In drug stores only; private label products account for a 24.3%
dollar share and a 28.9% unit share.
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Date:Oct 14, 2002
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