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PISC corner: Professional Issue Steering Committee.

From academe to workplace realities, new graduate nurses find it difficult to adjust. Anecdotal information reveals that the orientation of new graduate nurses in Arizona hospitals ranges from two months to six months and includes pre-ceptorships conducted by more than one seasoned professional registered nurse with at least two years of experience. Some attend classes to expand their neophyte knowledge base some may participate in an extended pre-ceptorship if they request it.

With the encouragement of the members of the Educator Chapter (AzNA Chapter 6), the Professional Issues Steering Committee (PISC) members have accepted the challenge of "exploring new models for education of nurses in Arizona", part of a 2007 action proposal introduced to the membership by the PISC addressing Nursing Education in Arizona.

Members of the Nurse Educator Chapter have proposed that the Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA) staff and designees develop a framework for a New Graduate Nursing Residency Program consistent with the recommendations from National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

Regulatory Model for Transition to Practice Report (August 2008) and recommendations from the American Nurses Association (ANA) 2008 House of Delegates (HOD). This undertaking would be facilitated by the members of the Nurse Educator Chapter.

A framework for a Graduate Nurse Residency Program would provide hospitals and facilities that hire new graduate nurses with a resource to assist or augment programs in the development of the neophyte nurse. This framework would also provide consistency to the development of Arizona nurses and prepare facilities for potential regulation of the transition of new graduate nurses into practice (NCSBN, 2008 report).

There are a number of nurse residency programs offered by facilities throughout Arizona. The proposal sent forward by the Nurse Educator Chapter has recommended that these programs and current practices be identified and reviewed with subsequent discussion of how to integrate the NCSBN recommendations as well as the ANA 2008 HOD recommendations must be considered.

As the proposal reads; "The neophyte nurses in Arizona deserve our attention; the best practice we can make available to them so that their nursing career is extended to decades, not months. One of the greatest challenges of a professional organization is reaching out to the members in the trenches; the nurses at the bedside. Now is the time to reach out and make them aware that the AzNA is their premier professional organization by developing a nursing residency framework that can be implemented into every facility in Arizona to promote a successful transition of new nurses" ... from academe to workplace realities.

Theresa Frimel, MSN, RN, Professional

Issues Steering Committee, Residential

Faculty, Maricopa Community Colleges

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Date:May 1, 2009
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