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PIMA announces new OnDemand Learning Management System.

The Paper Industry Management Association is pleased to announce the creation of the PIMA OnDemand Learning Management System--a web-based package that delivers essential programs with 24/7 availability for leadership, management, federal and state safety regulations, safety audit program, safety policies and procedures, OSHA advisories, OSHA answer book, recordkeeping, and others. The PIMA Safety Certified Bundle contains OSHA required training programs directly applicable to the paper industry. The bundle contains:

* Ergonomics

* Portable Fire Extinguishers

* Electrical Safe Work Practices for Unqualified Workers

* Powered Industrial Trucks

* Personal Fall Arrest Systems

* Pedestrian Safety

* Permit-required confined space entry

* Blood borne pathogens for covered employees

* Hazard communication

* Hearing conservation

* Personal protective equipment

* Control of Hazardous Energy

This Learning Management System hosted by PIMA delivers, manages, tracks and reports on interaction between learner and content and between learner and instructor. The Learning Management System handles student registration, tracks learner progress, records test scores and indicates course completions, and allows managers or trainers to track and assess the progress of their learners.

The PIMA OnDemand LMS allows employee learners to complete essential and required training at times and places most convenient to them and least disruptive to their operation.

Unlimited use of the Systematic Leadership Series includes:

* Introduction to Systematic Leadership

* Setting and Aligning Goals

* Developing Stable, Capable Processes

* Solving Problems

* Analyzing Human Performance

* Generating Ideas for Improvement

* Reinforcing Performance

The PIMA OnDemand training system offers major cost savings to the organizations of PIMA members as employees complete their training assignments during shift or from home rather than having to pay for replacement workers or for overtime. Additionally, the course offerings and Learning Management System are significantly discounted to PIMA Members.

There are over 35 additional Safety Courses that can be purchased and assigned. The box below outlines some costs; more detailed pricing is available upon request.

PIMA OnDemand continues to add more web enabled course content that is consistent with its mission and improves the value proposition it offers its members.

Single Facility/Operation Solution

* 1 Manager and up to 50 trainees: $199/year

Enterprise Solutions

* Up to 3 managers and 200 trainees: $499/year

* Up to 5 managers and 375 trainees: $799/year

* Up to 10 managers and 1000 trainees: $999/year

Each additional manager-$79.00 per year


Bundled 12 Safety courses--

* Up to 100 employees/year: $60 per employee

* 101-500 employees/year: $48 per employee

* 501+ per year: $40 per employee - retail

Individual courses sold separately - $9.95 per course

Pay per view (no LMS) - $13.95 per course
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Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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