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PIMA/CPBIS announce Spring 2006 Webcast series.

"Understanding and Applying Lean Manufacturing in the Paper Industry" is the theme for the Spring 2006 series of Webcasts cosponsored by PIMA and the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) at Georgia Tech, which starts Jan. 26, 2006, and continues through May 3, 2006.

The eight-session series will be taught by consultants from World Competition Consultants, Maryville, Tenn. The company has been in the consulting business since 1983 and has a core team of 35 seasoned professionals who can address all disciplines of manufacturing and all types of businesses to quickly make clients more profitable. The main focus of their work is rapid implementation of cost, quality and delivery improvements in manufacturing businesses.

They have performed work in Canada, China, Mexico, South America and Europe as well as throughout the United States. For more details, please check their Web site at

Session 1 -- The Rationale for Lean Manufacturing in a Global Economy

Links to the previous Webcast series and lays the foundation for this series. Explores and addresses the key questions--What is Lean? Why should it be considered? Where can it be applied? By whom? What are the benefits to the stakeholders? What results can be expected? What are the keys to successful application? What is the value proposition?

Session 2 -- Developing an In-Depth Understanding of Lean Principles and Concepts

An overview of the primary Lean Principles--Point-of-use Manufacturing, Pull Systems, One-piece/continuous Flow, TAKT Time, Visual Factory, Total Elimination of Waste, and Continuous Improvement. Brief coverage of key manufacturing concepts that use Lean principles, such as cellular manufacturing, etc. Discussion of the importance of and relationships between Inventory and Time. Industry case studies and example results will be provided.

Session 3 -- Lean Tools, and Measuring their Effectiveness

An overview of the more frequently used tools and measurements in the application of Lean principles. Among these are process mapping, standard work, balanced operations, Kaizen, Kanban, etc. Introduction to constraints and "bottleneck busting." Using Time and Inventory as key measurements of Lean performance. [In-class demonstrations will be used. Industry case studies and example results will be provided.]

Session 4 -- Getting Results by Applying Lean Principles, Concepts and Tools

Practical illustrations, examples and guidance for the application of Lean principles and concepts using Lean tools. Demonstration of the impact of Lean on operational performance using an in-class exercise as well as industry data and case studies.

Session 5 -- Rapid Changeovers in the Paper Industry

Discussion of the importance of rapid changeovers and the great revenue-increase opportunities that can come from reducing changeover time. We share actual tools such as Kaizen with video analysis and SMED to guide you through real-life problem changeovers in your mill. Detailed examples of improvements in mill-related changeovers are shown including those related to parent rolls, grades, and SKUs and ways to achieve centerline conditions. We show how mills have used these methods to cut changeover time by more than 30 percent and we provide some practical next steps that can be carried out on your home turf.

Session 6 -- Total Productive Maintenance within the Paper Industry

Key principles and concepts of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Discussion of downtime causes and getting value out of your downtime data. Maintenance Reliability and opportunities to improve. Benchmarks, benefits, and savings that result from the application of TPM. Relationships between TPM and Lean. A practical guide to get started or improve your TPM program.

Session 7 -- Integrating Six-Sigma Quality and Reliability with the Speed of Lean

A short overview of Six-Sigma Quality/Reliability principles. Characteristics of Six-Sigma Quality/Reliability and Lean Manufacturing improvement processes. The relationship of Lean principles and tools to those used in the Quality/Reliability improvement process. Demonstrations of how Six-Sigma Quality/Reliability and Lean improvement processes are mutually supportive.

Session 8 -- Creating and Sustaining Value with Lean Manufacturing

A review and linking of the lessons from Sessions 1-7. A brief discussion of the most common approaches used to introduce, implement and sustain Lean concepts Considerations to be taken into account in deciding the right approach for your organization. Typical results from applying Lean principles. A suggested set of next steps to take advantage of the learnings in this course and put Lean to work in your operation."

Enrollment in the entire 8-part series costs $2,100 for PIMA members/ $3,500 Nonmember per viewing location.

OR Special Registration Rate: 3 or more different sites from the same member company qualify for the special rate of $200/webcast per each site. Contact Sarah Walsh at 847/375-4831 for details.


1. The Rationale for Lean Manufacturing in a Global Economy

Jan 25

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

2. Developing an In-Depth Understanding of Lean Principles and Concepts

Feb 8

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

3. Lean Tools and Measuring their Effectiveness

Feb 22

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

4. Getting Results by Applying Lean Principles, Concepts, and Tools

Mar 8

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

5. Rapid Changeovers in the Paper Industry

Mar 22

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

6. Total Productive Maintenance within the Paper Industry

Apr 5

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

7. Integrating Six-Sigma Quality and Reliability with the Speed of Lean

Apr 19

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember

8. Creating and Sustaining Value with Lean Manufacturing

May 3

$300 Member/$500 Nonmember
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