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A mother has criticised a supermarket giant for stocking painkillers alongside chewing gum at the check-out after her son attempted to grab a packet of Nurofen.

Julia Hollinshead, 34, of Castleland Street, Barry, was shopping in Asda in Cardiff Bay with her sons Ryan, four, and Liam, three, when she spotted Liam, who was sitting in a trolley, trying to snatch the packet of Nurofen from a check-out rack.

She managed to stop him but made a complaint to supermarket staff. However, she was told the branch had to follow orders from head office to stock painkillers at check-outs.

Mrs Hollinshead said: 'I phoned head office but they told me it was my responsibility to look after my children. They said they were quite within their rights and I should have kept an eye out.

'I'm very concerned and won't be shopping at Asda until they move these painkillers from the check-outs.

'I want them to acknowledge this to make children safe because they could open these packets in seconds.'

She added: 'Asda's attitude was appalling. It was a case of we are quite within our rights due to the height restriction regulations and you should look after your own children.'

A spokesman for Asda said: 'We'd firstly like to apologise to Mrs Hollinshead if we have not dealt with her complaint in the manner that she'd expect.

'Customers want us to sell these types of products at our checkouts; however, they are deliberately merchandised out of reach of young children.'

He added: 'The products are sealed and held within blister packs within a cardboard box. In other words they are designed to be difficult for young children to access.'
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 6, 2004
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