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ECSTASY can be a killer in its purest MDMA form, with users risking liver, kidney and heart failure. Many victims have died on nights out after suffering seizures brought on by dehydration. But it is often the cocktail of other rogue substances in tablets being passed off as ecstasy that are the most dangerous. dangerou ous.

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ering e ng s painkiller been ecstasy the A nasal or sinus decongestant can be added to ecstasy The combination of ecstasy and PMA or PMMA can be particularly hazardous and has been linked with dozens of drug deaths. Last year, seven young Scots were killed by Green Rolex pills containing the drug Ketamine is often sold as ecstasy because of its similar effects. In low doses, ketamine is used as a horse tranquilliser. An overdose can cause heart or lung failure and it has been linked to several deaths.

The drug became popular in its own right around six year ago when the street price fell to PS20 a gram - half the cost of cocaine aine METHAMPHETAMINE, or speed, is a highly addictive and dangerous illegal drug. When used in conjunction with ecstasy, METHAMPHETAMINE can prolong the energised feeling associated with pure ecstasy use three and fell of on most year show Also known as plantfood or MCAT, mephedrone was banned in 2010 after becoming popular as a "legal high". The drug has been linked to several deaths in Scotland, including a 49-year-old woman from Fife in January 2010. Dealers are still believed to be able to get their hands on it relatively easily as a substance for cutting into ecstasy.

12 people between the after in While relatively harmless, caffeine can cause elevated heart rate, irritability and high blood pressure. It is likely to make ecstasy users more jittery and increase their heart rate to even more dangerous levels ra blo The 17, collapsed in died in hospital.

In July, Jane mum from taking the drug Joiner Nick in Glasgow, was Demi Campbell, Argyll, died after she thought were Alexandria, In August, Ecclefechan, make jittery The painkiller is often used to cut ecstasy. The combination is potentially fatal as procaine constricts blood vessels while ecstasy increases heart rate. The result can be lethally high blood pressure The sedative piphenhydramine is often mixed with ecstasy but it can cause a dangerous loss of inhibition A cheap and easy way for dealers to bulk up their drugs is to cut them with ground glass before pressing ecstasy tablets d they are being being drugs that ON STREETS JOHN Traces of rat poisons have been found in ecstasy. The substance is used because it is easily available. It is highly dangerous and can cause hallucinations Youngsters who think they are taking ecstasy can often end up consuming heroin laced into the tablet to make it stronger SCOURING S Another cheap and easy way to add volume is to add sodium carbonate based cleaning products
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 4, 2014
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