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PIKA Technologies starts field trials of PIKA Connect for Skype.


PIKA Technologies Inc, a supplier of computer plug-in media processing hardware and software products, has revealed that limited field trials are now being conducted for its new PIKA Connect for Skype offering.

PIKA Connect for Skype is a set of software components for application developers that can be used to build business communications solutions that interface with Skype, an Internet calling program.

It features both server side and client side components, with PIKA's AllOnHost technology providing a PC processor-based engine that can handle real-time audio switching, call transfer and media processing functions. The PIKA Skype Gateway resides on the client machine and transfers audio and call control information between the remote Skype client and application server.

PIKA Skype Gateway sends and receives audio and call control information from a PIKA AllOnHost equipped application server using a proprietary audio transfer mechanism, PIKA said.

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Date:Jun 9, 2006
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