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PictureWorks Technology, Danville, Calif., has introduced three photo and video stitching applications stemming from its acquisition of the VideoBrush Corporation product line. They are VideoBrush Panorama v2.0, VideoBrush Photographer v1.1, and VideoBrush Whiteboard v1.1.

VideoBrush Panorama turns a video-enabled computer and a camcorder or digital video camera into a wide-angle high-resolution panoramic imager. VideoBrush Panorama images capture the full view and all the detail of an event or scene, permitting you to see in new ways and share the full impact of the panoramic image with others. At home, you can capture the entire street instead of just one house, or the full view of a garden, or the sweep of an interior view around a room. With family and friends, you can capture the full sweep of the event instead of just one part; and even fit everybody comfortably into a group photo instead of cramming them together into a small frame. Simply pan the camera over a scene to build a wide-angle panoramic image. VideoBrush Panorama will automatically compensate for the slight up-and-down tilt and side-to-side rotation of a hand-held camera.

VideoBrush Photographer automatically stitches together a series of still photographs into a single high-resolution image. VideoBrush Photographer can stitch photographs in both the horizontal and vertical directions to capture even larger scenes then typical horizontal-only stitching products. It can also be used to get the small details in your big picture. Simply take a series of snapshots of the same scene and let Photographer use the overlapped details to "res-up" the final image-with VideoBrush Smart-Res technology. VideoBrush Photographer enhances the power of the ordinary camera-no need for special wide-angle lenses or photo formats, tripods, or other expensive professional equipment. No special methods are needed to take photos for VideoBrush Photographer; a simple series of shots with a hand-held film or digital camera is all that is needed.

VideoBrush Whiteboard software turns any video-equipped computer into an "electronic whiteboard" which can capture meeting notes from a whiteboard or flip-chart into a full-color high-resolution image with a few quick sweeps by a hand-held camera. This software makes it easy to save whiteboard notes electronically, without the need to take notes by hand, or to scan manual notes or re-draw diagrams into a computer. Unlike a single frame still image, the result can be of as high resolution and detail as needed, and the image shape is not restricted by the frame size. VideoBrush Whiteboard is intended for capturing images of meeting notes and diagrams drawn on a flat whiteboard or flip-chart, which then can be saved and printed for sharing, faxing, and later reference.

VideoBrush Panorama and VideoBrush Photographer are priced at $59.95. VideoBrush WhiteBoard is priced at $39.95. All of the products can be ordered from the PictureWorks web site at or by phone at 1-800-303-5400.

PictureWorks Technology, Inc. develops and markets pioneering software technologies in the field of digital imaging for the PC, corporate Intranets, and the Internet. PictureWorks has OEM relationships with nearly all of the top Digital Camera suppliers and has significant market share in Real Estate and other vertical markets. PictureWorks was founded in 1994 and is a privately held company headquartered in Danville, California with offices in Tokyo, Japan. The company acquired the VideoBrush product line from VideoBrush Corporation in March of 1999.
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