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Byline: Steve Davies

MONTY'S in good form ahead of The 137th Open Championship, writes Steve Davies.

Not in good form, as in playing well. He missed the cut at Loch Lomond last week and will doubtless have a mare over the coming few days at Carnoustie.

No, he's in good form, as in full of bonhomie and enjoying life.

At a press conference this week he was asked about a forthcoming ban on mobile phones.

With a nice line in self-deprecation, he said: "It's the other players that I feel that was brought in for. The likes of Retief and people like that, the people that get really upset over these types of things. I'm fine."

What a wag. Monty has a more acute sense of hearing than an alsatian and is inevitably going to detect something off-putting between now and Sunday night even if it is on a neighbouring course, and you just know he'd like the ban extended to mobile phone users rather than just their phones. And everyone else for that matter.

Apart, of course, from the Colin Montgomerie Fan Club, a curious bunch of lads who insist on following the worst-tempered man in golf from tournament to tournament sporting sycophantic T-shirts and ridiculous syrups.

I once watched a snooker event where, sat behind Steve Davis, were ten blokes wearing T-shirts with a letter each to form the word STEVEDAVIS.

It's a fine line between good oldfashioned support and making a complete arse of yourself and I'm not sure some people know quite where that line is.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jul 19, 2007
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