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PICK OF THE DAY; Live football Setanta Sports 1, 8pm.

Byline: James Milton

THERE was a lovely moment on Saturday during Sky's coverage of Liverpool against Manchester United, writes James Milton.

They were showing a replay of Carlos Tevez's goal, which had been set up by Dimitar Berbatov.

With the unique blend of earnestness and enthusiasm that has made him a welcome guest in the nation's living-rooms, Jamie Redknapp declared: "I love cutbacks, I just love cut-backs!"

I feel the same way about wingers, which is why I'm looking forward to tonight's match.

I just love wingers; quick ones, like Villa's Ashley Young, elegant ones like Tottenham's David Bentley, tiny little ones with wicked tricks, like Wayne Routledge, once of Tottenham, now of Villa.

I want to see wingers who don't just hug the touchline, but kiss and fondle the touchline.

Good old-fashioned wing-play makes me deliriously happy, especially if the winger in question has something of the devil in them.

The most petulant winger I ever saw was in an Under-16 game.

We were playing against one of those progressive posh schools where the kids decide if they feel like going to their double maths class or if they'd prefer to go down the pub.

They were a fairly ill-disciplined side, epitomised by a surly French kid on the left, his collar upturned, a Gauloise dangling from his lower lip.

I thought he was a ruddy legend - he looked like the bastard lovechild of Rodney Marsh and Eric Cantona.

That's one home-made sex-vid you'd never want to see.
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2008
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