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PICK OF THE DAY; Hollywood and Germany are a strange mix.

Live football ESPN, 7.30pm IT'S always been a source of fascination for me that Bayern Munich should be nicknamed FC Hollywood, writes Graham Woods.

It's just so very un-German. Normally Bundesliga clubs have functional nicknames - tonight's opponents Borussia Dortmund are known as The Yellows and the rest of the league is made up of The Eagles, The Wolves and so on. Nuremberg are known as Der Club, which apparently translates as The Club. I ask you, is there any wit or imagination in German football at all? Well, it seems there is, in the shape of Eintracht Frankfurt, known to their fans and detractors alike as Die Launische Diva, or The Moody Diva.

Why? Well, it kind of references Bayern's Hollywood link, but while the men from Munich get their moniker from the fact that the club is all about glitz and glamour, Frankfurt are renowned for being a team who get up for the big games but can't be bothered against the ragbag teams down the bottom.

We have a name for teams like that in England too. We call them Liverpool.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
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Date:Feb 27, 2013
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