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BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS: Angus Deayton plunders the scrapbook of the rich and famous for some cringe-making clips of supermodel Naomi Campbell, left, at 14, prancing about on The Keith Harris Show. There's also footage of Mick Jagger, rock-climbing at the age of 16.

BBC1, 9.00pm


EX-S - THE SLAB BOYS: A celebration of John Byrne's The Slab Boys, the stage smash which he's turned into a movie. Cracker star Robbie Coltrane and Phyllis Logan also appeared in the play.

BBC1, 9.40pm


THIS LIFE: The ups and downs of the flat-sharing lawyers continue, with Anna (Daniela Nardini) being slapped down and Miles indulging in a bit of slap `n' tickle through a dating service. I wonder when they get any work done?

BBC2, 9.45pm


RIVERDANCE: THE NEW SHOW: Two hundred pairs of sturdy Irish hurdies in Riverdance's return to New York with a spanking new routine led by Colin Dunne and the gorgeous Jean Butler, right.

Channel 4, 5.40pm


GIRL RUSH (BBC2, 7.30am - 8.35am) Gold Rush comedy. 1944

BEAUTIFUL BUT DANGEROUS (BBC2, 8.35am - 10.00am) Corny comic romance with Jean Simmons. 1954

HERCULES AND THE CIRCLE OF FIRE (Channel 5, 9.00am - 10.30am) Muscle- bound tele-series. 1994

SUMMER MAGIC (BBC1, 10.00am - 11.45am) Disney story. 1963

HENRY V (BBC2, 1.20pm - 3.35pm) Laurence Olivier majestic. 1944

THE SOUND OF MUSIC (BBC1, 1.40pm - 4.25pm) Julie Andrews in much-loved Alpine musical. 1965

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (ITV, 2.10pm - 4.20pm) Sean Connery as 007. 1971

SUBURBAN COMMANDO (Channel 5, 2.50pm - 4.20pm) Hulk Hogan comedy aimed at youngsters. 1991

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (ITV, 4.40pm - 7.00pm) Mindless mayhem in a stunt- driven Bond extravaganza. 1981

ACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE (ITV, 8.30pm - 10.05pm) Jim Carrey in amusing children's comedy. 1994

THE GOODBYE GIRL (Channel 4, 8.30pm - 10.35pm) The title role goes to Marsha Mason, the Oscar to Richard Dreyfuss. 1977

LOSING CHASE (Channel 5, 9.00pm - 10.50pm) Academy Award-winning movie about the relationship which develops between two women, one a graduate. 1996

MALICE (BBC1, 10.10pm - 11.50pm) Psycho-thriller played like a penny- dreadful. 1993

ROBOCOP 2 (Border, 10.20pm - 12.25am; Scottish, Grampian, 10.25pm - 12.30am) Peter Weller's metallic lawman stranded in a rust-bucket sequel that's a travesty of the original. 1990

HIGH NOON (BBC2, 10.30pm - 11.55pm) Gary Cooper straps on his six-shooters to face the bad guys alone. Classic Western. 1952

BREAKHEART PASS (Channel 4, 10.35pm - 12.20am) Charles Bronson in Western. 1976

TORN CURTAIN (BBC1, 11.50pm - 1.55am) Paul Newman in Hitchcock thriller. 1966

CONVICTED (Border, Grampian, 1.00am - 2.45am) Real-life teledrama. 1986

THE SERPENT'S EGG (Channel 4, 1.20am - 3.35am) Portrait of life in pre- war Berlin. 1977

SMOKESCREEN (Scottish, 2.25am - 3.40am) Useless crime drama. 1964
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Date:Mar 31, 1997
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