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TOUCHING EVIL: Robson Green - complete with forehead scar from a shooting - is tough cop Creegan after the science boffin whom he knows has abducted three boys. But can he prove it in time to save the kids. A gritty drama, penned by Cracker writer, Paul Abbott.


EASTENDERS: Gita learns that hubby Sanjay has been telling her porkies. Now there's a surprise. She should be more astonished if he actually did tell it like it is. Meanwhile, there's more trouble in store for Joe.


HOLIDAY: Fasten your seatbelts as the team go behind the scenes at holiday hot spots. Tonight Jill Dando begins with the wonder of Disney.

She heads for Florida where she's invited to keep Walt Disney World sparkling


THE BRITISH ACADEMY AWARDS: Lenny Henry hosts the star-studded event from the Royal Albert Hall. Will it be another night of magic for The English Patient? Will the boring bits have been cut out? All will be revealed.


DODSWORTH (Channel 4, 9.30am - 11.20am) Retired businessman Walter Huston rediscovers a zest for life during a tour of Europe.1936

THE HUNT (Channel 4, 1120am - 11.35am) Shortest movie around - all about the hunting debate

RAISING THE WIND (Channel 4, 1.50pm - 3.30pm) Misadventures of brass band students 1962

IF IT'S TUESDAY, IT STILL MUST BE BELGIUM (Channel 5, 3.30pm - 5.20pm) TV sitcom version of the 1969 holiday comedy If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. That was bad too. 1987

CHRISTINE (Channel 5, 9.00pm - 11.00pm) Stephen King's cruel shocker satirising America's car obsession 1983

THE GOOD MOTHER (Channel 4, 10.05pm - 12.00am) Diane Keaton as a divorcee who rediscovers her sensuality in a relationship with artist Liam Neeson. Soggy, soapy drama 1988

A CUT ABOVE (ITV, 10.40pm - 12.40am; Scottish, 10.30pm - 12.30am) Matthew Modine, hoping to bluff his way through medical school. An unremarkable but entertaining mixture of comedy, drama and romance, occasionally sentimental. 1989

SUGARLAND EXPRESS (Border, 10.40pm - 12.40am) Goldie Hawn helps her husband break out of prison in colourful road movie. 1974

FOR PETE'S SAKE (North East, Yorkshire, 1.10am - 2.45am) Barbra Streisand sitcom. 1974

RED WIND (Border, Grampian, 1.15am - 2.55am) Synthetic psychothriller with Lisa Hartman. 1991

LAXDALE HALL (Channel 4, 1.35am - 2.55am) Hebridean community refuses to pay road tax in quaint comedy. 1952

WAR OF THE WORLDS: The Ressurection (Scottish, 2.45am - 4.30am) Pilot episode for TV `sequel' to the classic. 1988

THE GHOST GOES WEST (Channel 4, 2.55am - 4.25am) Scottish castle is transported to America, complete with ghost Robert Donat. Strained comedy. 1936




A NEW lawyer-based drama series from the creator of Picket Fences and Chicago Hope.

Dylan McDermott, above, - once romantically linked with Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts - is a caring legal eagle who helps folk who normally couldn't afford a lawyer.

Sky 1, 10.00pm



BEFORE being diagnosed with cancer in 1995, Linda McCartney, below, and newly-knighted hubby Paul were game for a laugh and lent their voices to some of the outrageous cartoon characters.

In this edition of the show, Lisa shocks the family by announcing that she is a vegetarian.

Sky 1, 7.00pm



A package of highlights from the final day's play at the Spanish Open in Madrid.

Andrew Castle tees things off and there's a thrilling play-off between Mark James and Greg Norman.

Sky Sports 1, 10.00am


OLIVER STONE'S Oscar-winning war drama stars Charlie Sheen, above, giving his best performance and there's gritty stuff, too ,from Tom Berenger.

Sky Movies Gold, 10.00 pm
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Date:Apr 29, 1997
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