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PICK OF THE BOX; Prescribing right medicine.


Always And Everyone (ITV, 9.00pm)

THERE'S a welcome return for Martin Shaw and Niamh Cusack in Always And Everyone tonight.

The first series proved to be one of the best medical dramas on the box and I'm hoping for big things again in the second 12-part run.

Shaw plays consultant Robert Kingsford, who goes on leave in the first episode, leaving Christine Fletcher (Cusack) in charge.

Her judgment is immediately called into question when she grants a badly-burned patient his dying wish.

Mike Gregson - played by David Harewood of The Vice fame - and sister Cathy Jordan (Jane Slavin) are enjoying love's first flush, but he still seems to be lusting after Yvonne (Kim Vithana).

Of all the Brit medical dramas on the box, this is the one that more than matches the hit US series er.


Dispatches (Channel 4, 9.00pm)

A YEAR ago, Sheena McDonald was hit by a police van travelling on the wrong side of the road and narrowly escaped with her life.

For the first time since the crash, she is back reporting for Dispatches and investigates the safety of police driving.

Sheena uncovers new evidence that reveals police driver training to be in chaos. Thousands of people were injured on British roads last year in incidents involving police cars.

In the programme, Sheena says: "Many people have said to me that the police are a law unto themselves. Nothing the police have said convinces me otherwise."


Dirty Work (BBC1, 9.30pm)

THIS is shaping up to be a compelling drama with enough black humour to make the most hardened cynics laugh.

Neil Pearson stars as useless private eye Leo Beckett. Tonight he's been hired by a Greek restaurateur to find his 19-year-old daughter, who has been missing for nearly a week.

Young Gina has been lured into the seedy world of porn. That's bad news for Leo's girlfriend Rhiannon, whom he persuades to pose for pictures.

In one of the more blackly comic moments, Beckett's best mate Tubes - who is dying of cancer - helps out by stealthily tracking the suspect in his invalid car. Wickedly funny.


Jam (Channel 4, 10.30pm)

COMEDY'S most irreverent master, Chris Morris - famous for his Brass Eye series - is back with another batch of surreal comedy situations.

With the help of Amelia Bullmore, David Cann, Julia Davis, Kevin Eldon and Mark Heap, Morris makes fools of us all.

Jam features completely surreal sketches you will either find hilarious or even weirder than The League of Gentlemen. Tonight there is the jilted man who wreaks revenge on his ex by firing himself into her face through a woodshredder.

You'll either hate it or love it.
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Date:Mar 30, 2000
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