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PICK OF THE BOX; All is not well on the wards.


ER, Channel 4, 9.00pm

DR Elizabeth Corday has a murder mystery to solve in the latest episode of the medical drama.

Someone has been secretly murdering her elderly patients and it's up to the medic to find the culprit before she finds herself in the dock.

There are family problems for some of the other doctors. Benton agrees to a paternity test to prove he is the real father of his son, Reese, while Carter shares some disappointing news with his ailing grandmother.

Meanwhile, Abby is still feeling resentful of new staff member Nicole who is demanding the attention of her ex, Luca. But she still finds it in her heart to offer some words of comfort after a traumatic event. And first-year student Michael Gallant makes an impression on his new colleagues.


Food Junkies, BBC2, 9.00pm

ENJOYED that burger and fries did you? Just scoffed a Chinese or an Indian takeaway?

Well, get ready to feel the guilt as well as the fat hardening in your arteries. Food Junkies is a new three-part series charting the Brits' love affair with fast food.

And it's an affair of the heart - attack. We're the biggest consumers of fast food in Europe and the inexorable rise of fast-food outlets shows no signs of abating. Tonight's first programme looks at the histories of two of the biggest names in the industry, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And there is testimony from members of the public on why they just cannot get enough of greasy nosh wrapped in boxes.


The Big Match Live, ITV, 7.30pm

SIR Alex Ferguson's ambition of winning the Champions League at Hampden is still burning bright.

Manchester United's superb 2-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna in Spain last week - their first win on Spanish soil, the Champions League final itself in Barcelona apart - has given them a great chance of reaching the semi-finals.

That win will have given the Reds of Manchester the confidence to go out for another win tonight to cement their place in the last four.

Last week's goal heroes, Ruud Van Nistelroy and David Beckham, should be fit to play, but the loss of inspirational captain Roy Keane is still a blow for Fergie's men.

La Coruna will be desperate to make up for their poor showing at home last week. And as they proved at Arsenal in the group sections, they can be an irresistible force when they are on their game.

The game kicks off at 7.45pm. Highlights of this and tonight's other game between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich will be shown at 11.45pm.


When Hippies Ruled The World, BBC1, 11.05pm

THE last in the entertaining series looking at cultural phenomena goes back to the Sixties, man.

It's a head trip, alright, as we return to the psychedelic decade when all they needed was love - and some recreational drugs - to get by.

The hippie revolution itself only lasted three years, but it gave the world great anthems, great events, great sex and great big Afghan coats.

Providing the soundtrack for those forefathers and mothers of the unwashed crusty movement were The Doors and the hippie chick herself, Joni Mitchell.

Woodstock was the defining moment of that era where hippies dropped out and were turned on by LSD and free love.

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda captured it all on film in Easy Rider, while the hippest of all looked east and followed in the sandals of the Beatles to India.

In her first interview on British television, Joni Mitchell shares her memories of the flower-power era and reveals the genesis of her massive hit, Big Yellow Taxi.

Others contributing are Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Dennis Hopper - who looks better now at 60 than he did at 30 - Susan George and musician Arthur Brown. Far out man.




Sky One, 9.00pm

SUPERSTAR director Quentin Tarantino takes a guest-acting role in this two-part episode of the student spy nonsense.

He plays a former agent who breaks into SD-6 headquarters and takes over, triggering a chain of events that could blow up HQ and everyone inside.

Only beautiful secret agent Sydney - naturally - can save the day.

With Jennifer Gartan and Michael Vartan.



UK Gold, 7.40pm

TRACY gets a chance to spend the night with jailed husband Darryl.

He's been struck down with appendicitis and taken to hospital. But he plans to escape and spend some time with his wife.

Meanwhile, Sharon sees this as an opportunity to do some entertaining of her own.

With Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph.



Granada Plus, 3.00pm

PRIVATE eye Jim Rockford and his father Rocky inadvertently become the custodians of a nine-year-old girl, Marin, who is looking for her father.

The Rockfords are about to embark on a fishing trip when Marin shows up outside their trailer.

Jim begins the hunt for her father, but he's not alone in his search - the underworld and a federal narcotics agent are also hot on the trail - but for different reasons.



History Channel, 7.00pm

TONIGHT'S documentary follows the trail of clues that lead from the ancient myths of the Aegean world to their real-life counterpart.

The lives of legendary heroes are told as they are re-discovered in the ruins of the ancient Mediterranean world.
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Title Annotation:Pick of the Box
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 10, 2002
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