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PICK OF THE BOX: Lenny's a bite special now.


Lenny Henry In Pieces,

BBC1, 9.00pm

FRESH from saving the world again with Comic Relief, Lenny Henry manages to spend some time on saving his own career.

He's back with a second series of his sketch show which includes some old favourites and some new creations.

Donovan Bogarde, the randy OAP, is still pursuing Mrs Johnson, the object of his lust, while petrol-station cashier Gloria hasn't lost her irritation at the customers who interrupt her attempts to read trashy novels.

Bound to provoke the most reaction of all, however, is Lenny's new character - Blaxploitation Pope.

The idea is that this funky dude, a brother from the ghetto, is the head of the Catholic Church - a sort of cross between Shaft and Pius X.

Blaxploitation Pope wants a ban on ugly nuns, suggesting celibacy isn't a choice for some of them.

A family of animated zoo animals join the line-up, too, with Lenny and Alison Steadman providing the voices.

The sketches and animation will be joined together by stand-up routines from Lenny.


My Family, BBC1, 8.30pm

HIT British sitcoms are like hen's teeth and it looks like My Family, short on laughs though it is, is as close as we're going to get to a successful home-grown comedy.

Tonight sees the start of the fourth series of life in the Harper household.

Mum Susan is looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild, but dreading being a grandmother.

Nick is getting fed up with living in his ghastly flat and trying to think of a way to move back.

The gap between Michael's IQ and the rest of the family's seems to be increasing along with the size of his libido.

And niece Abi is as off the wall as ever.

Dad Ben expects the worst, but even he can't anticipate the effect that a new arrival at his dental surgery will have.

Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker star, with Kris Marshall stealing every scene as nutty Nick.


People's Book Of Records, Channel 4, 9.30pm

IF you ever pored over the Guinness Book of Records and figured you could do something to get your name in there, here's your chance.

This totally off-the-wall series presents ordinary members of the public breaking records that no-one else in the world has ever heard of.

And no wonder - those hopefuls taking part have made up the record they want to set.

So, bizarrely, they include blinking repeatedly at a nude model and placing a Jilly Cooper novel close to a horse without it noticing (with bells on your feet).

And the beauty of this series is that if you see someone set the record, you can then make your own attempt on it. Strange, but true.



BBC1, 8.00pm

THE truth will out in Walford - and now it's Phil's time to come clean to new love Kate. The pair of them have been wrestling with their feelings, but Phil seems to be preparing himself to tell all to Kate about Lisa, not realising she's actually a honey trap.

Billy has finally managed to make Phil take him seriously about Dan's return, but Phil has more pressing matters to attend to.

Patrick and Anthony decide to leave Paul alone with Eleanor to force him to take responsibility.

And Sharon and Peggy are on hand to give Pat the support she is not getting from Barry.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 21, 2003
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