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Pica8, Inc. has leveraged its hardware-accelerated implementation of Open-vSwitch (OVS) to simplify VXLAN and Network Virtualization deployments. This gives customers more flexibility with white box overlay options. OVS database (OVSDB) is a specific protocol associated with OVS and is becoming the de-facto standard for programming overlay tunnels in cloud environments such as OpenStack or VMware.

OVSDB is the common protocol for managing and configuring Open vSwitch for overlay-tunnel connectivity to the physical network, said Brad Casemore, director of research for datacenter networking at IDC. Overlays bring the promise of simplifying the orchestration of data center resources, and having one common configuration protocol ensures consistent behavior across different overlay and underlay combinations, providing a lower cost of ownership in the process.

Pica8 leverages the OVSDB protocol to control hardware VTEPs (VXLAN Endpoints) as part of an overlay architecture and integrate with leading network virtualization systems such as MidoNet and NSX for VTEP provisioning.

The adoption of open source software in the enterprise has become mainstream. Open networking is following on the same path and quickly gaining traction so we are very pleased to bring Midokura Enterprise MidoNet, the open source network virtualization overlay solution, to Pica8-enabled white box networking systems and be part of the modern open enterprise movement, said Adam Johnson, VP of Business for Midokura.

Overlays are still an area of exploration for network administrators, said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. By supporting hardware-accelerated OVSDB in its white box network operating system, Pica8 makes it much easier for organizations to build proofs of concept for network overlays and compare different network virtualization systems. Reducing variables in evaluation of any new technology is a huge advantage to any customer trying to see operational benefits. Leveraging this common protocol helps cloud developers leverage one tool set, thereby fostering easier proof of concept testing and lowering operational costs of integration.

Pica8 has the most diverse set of overlay schemes available on white boxes, from NVGRE to VXLAN to MPLS via Labeled BGP, said Rabiul Hasan, director of product line management at Pica8. By offering users a broad choice of overlays and protocols, Pica8 ensures network investment protection and gives users all the tools they need to move toward an SDN future.

About Pica8, Inc.

Pica8 is the one-stop source for white box networking. Since 2009, Pica8 has pioneered open networking with PicOS, the first network operating system that enables data center customers to easily integrate Layer-2 / Layer-3 networking and software-defined networking (SDN) using commodity white box switches. PicOS supports an industry-standard CLI for Layer-2 / Layer-3, unmodified Linux, and OpenFlow 1.4. Pica8 makes white box adoption seamless by providing PicOS on both pre-loaded switching hardware or as standalone software on a growing list of compatible bare metal switches. Pica8 is a global company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

For more information, visit or call 415/205-8566.

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Publication:LAN Product News
Date:Jun 1, 2015

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