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PIA Releases 2000-2001 Legislative Agenda.

At its biennial Government Affairs planning meeting held Nov. 12-14 in Savannah, GA, member representatives, affiliate managers and staff of the Printing Industries of America, Inc. (PIA), outlined their legislative agenda for the next two years.

Led by Harry Duncanson, PIA vice chairman of government affairs, and Ben Cooper, PIA senior vice president of government affairs, members determined which issues should receive primary attention during the 107th Congress. According to Mr. Cooper, the establishment of an understanding of which issues are most important to the industry is beneficial to all PIA members.

"The PIA membership is well served by their committee with the representatives from around the country who spend two and a half days evaluating industry survey results, discussing issues and recommending a direction to the board of directors of PIA," said Mr. Cooper.

The top issues facing the PIA in 2000-2001 are:

1) Oppose legislation that would hinder the ability of employers to provide affordable health benefits to their employees.

2) Oppose implementation of OSHA's ergonomics program standard.

3) Support repeal or phase out of the death tax.

4) Support legislation to reduce the depreciation schedule on computer related equipment from five to two years.

5) Oppose any effort to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act.

6) Develop a consistent policy for determining whether customer service representatives can be classified as exempt under federal labor law.

7) Oppose legislation that would hinder the ability of employers to electronically monitor the activities of their employees while on the job.

8) Support reform of retirement plans laws, such as 401 (k)s, to better enable employers to start and main tam cost effective retirement programs for their employees.

9) Support reinstatement of the investment tax credit (ITC) for manufacturing businesses.

10) Oppose the use of state unemployment insurance funds to pay benefits to new parents taking family and medical leave or any other purpose that is beyond the scope of providing a safety net for employees who are unemployed through no fault of their own.
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Publication:Ink World
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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