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 NEW YORK, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- These days, pioneers are not necessarily envisioned in coon-skin caps. They could just as easily be glamorously attired in beaded gowns, as is usually the working outfit of Pia Zadora.
 Pia, with her newest recording, `Pia, The Platinum Collection,' is setting new trails in marketing which has been attracting the attention of the recording industry and causing it to rethink methods long considered tried and true.
 For Pia has been using a half hour infomercial, devoted strictly to her CDs and cassettes, in which she is the sole performer, with amazing results. This is the first time an infomercial has been devoted to the product of one artist, and the innovation is making beautiful music at the cash register.
 The product: 2 1/2 hours of 39 melodic all-time great American popular standards, all of which have been platinum sellers. That is, each of the numbers have already rung up at least one million plus, in sales, over the years. Twenty seven of these treasures unite Pia with the 92 member London Philharmonic Orchestra.
 The infomercial is what could most aptly be described as a "mini Special" which provides viewers with an on-site look at Pia Zadora singing in concert. It demonstrates what infomercials do best: they tell the story, allowing the viewer to look, hear and see the product, and get a better sensation of what is being offered, rather than having to buy the product "cold."
 Tino Barzie, Zadora's long-time manager, notes that "The television infomercial format has provided us with the perfect opportunity to properly position Pia in the marketplace."
 Her position? The music is melodic, with sentimental, story-telling lyrics, romantic and danceable. There are many changes of pace. Petite Pia, though trained as a soprano, is also a belter, with a remarkable range and power. In a well though-out, well-researched campaign, it was considered to be a product most desired by people 40 and over, who do not necessarily care to go to record shops in malls where rock and roll is usually blaring on the loudspeaker, but enjoy the convenience of ordering by phone.
 This, of course, does not rule out the younger generation, who have, increasingly, been "discovering" standards and the romantic slow dancing their parents enjoyed, which is now being considered by the very young as a world-wide "fad."
 It's just that research has shown the major purchasing power for Pia's product is still the 40-plus crowd, with 58 percent being women and 42 percent being men. And, since the research has also shown Florida to have the largest number of residents in that category, her first infomercials have been shown in that state, with amazing results. After one airing in Tampa, for instance, 1,123 units were sold.
 The infomercial is still in its comparative infancy, but its impact on television viewers has been tremendously strong. According to the National Infomercial Marketing Association, infomercials garnered $750 million in sales in 1992 alone, becoming a formidable force as a sales tool.
 The plush production values of this "mini Special" far exceed that of the average infomercial, which uses a rather sparse set and an audience. Zadora's half hour features her during a recording session and a concert. In addition, she performs, in concert, three selections from `Pia, The Platinum Collection': "All of Me," "Pennies From Heaven," and "I Am What I Am," accompanied by a 35 piece orchestra under the director of Vincent Falcone.
 `Pia, The Platinum Collection,' should not only set an example and a trend for record labels, artists and promoters, but will impact the future of marketing music on TV.
 Infomercials have achieved legitimacy since the early 1980s slice- and-dice type of products. Today, mainstream corporations such as GTE, GM, Panasonic, Corning, Braun and Volvo are joining the ranks of converts to the 30 minute format, following the lead set by Ross Perot, who used the infomercial format effectively in garnering a surprising number of votes in his bid for the presidency.
 David Sams, whose company co-produced the infomercial and is distributing it, states, "The motion picture studios discovered a decade ago that the pay TV and home video arenas actually enhanced their marketing efforts and bottom lines. The fear that these two mediums would erode the theatrical box offices sales have all but evaporated. The record companies are going to learn the same thing. TV infomercials will become a first window launch pad for new music releases. Some people will buy a new offering after seeing it on TV, others will wait until it hits the retail level. However, one thing is for certain, the TV infomercial will become a vital marketing tool -- especially with those artists who don't get MTV airplay. In some cases, the TV infomercial will be used to set the stage, and create the appetite for retail sales."
 `Pia, The Platinum Collection' is a production of PZ Partnership L.P. and nine-time Emmy-winning David Sams Industries, Inc. Tino Barzie serves as executive producer; Renee Kenneth and David Sams are supervising producers. The program and product are distributed by DSI, Los Angeles, Calif.
 -0- 3/24/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Pia Zadora will be in Philadelphia and Boston in early April./
 /CONTACT: Selma Gore of Lee Solters Company, 212-661-5190/

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