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 SAN CARLOS, Calif., Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- PHYTOpharmaceuticals Inc. (PPI), a subsidiary of ESCAgenetics Corp. (AMEX: ESN), today announced the appointment of Dr. Max Wilhelm to its Scientific Advisory Board. PHYTOpharmaceuticals' business objective is the discovery and development of novel plant-derived pharmaceuticals using a global plant resource network and proprietary plant cell tissue culture technology.
 Wilhelm recently retired after 35 years at CIBA-GEIGY, AG where he was the director of international research and development. A noted scientist and executive in the pharmaceutical industry, he holds approximately 150 patents, including four for products currently marketed by CIBA as central nervous system, cardiovascular, and anti- infective treatments. "Dr. Wilhelm's lifelong experience in drug discovery and development in a commercial environment will be invaluable in helping to guide PPI's research activities," said Dr. Peter Hylands, PPI's vice president of research and chief scientific officer.
 "PHYTOpharmaceuticals has assembled an exceptional scientific team composed of internationally recognized experts in plant cell culture, medicinal and natural products chemistry and pharmaceutical research and development. The addition of Dr. Wilhelm to the Scientific Advisory Board strengthens the company's advantageous position to discover and develop a new generation of plant-based pharmaceutical compounds," stated Douglas MacMaster Jr., PPI's chief executive officer and chairman. "His proven track record in drug discovery and expertise as a leading-edge chemist are a tremendous resource that will benefit the company as it screens many thousands of plant extracts."
 PPI has collaborative agreements with major research institutions in China, Brazil and Thailand for the collection and production of large numbers of certified plant extracts.
 ESCAgenetics Corp., PPI's parent company, has successfully produced taxol in plant cell tissue bioreactors and plans to produce taxol in a pilot plant/commercial scale-up facility during 1993, in collaboration with Genecor International Inc. in Rochester, N.Y. In addition, PPI has discovered new taxoids that are related to taxol, as part of its plant cell tissue culture drug discovery program.
 ESCAgenetics Corp. is a publicly traded company that develops and produces high-value, plant-derived products for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
 -0- 8/26/93
 /CONTACT: Dr. Thomas M. Glenn, president and chief operating officer of PHYTOpharmaceuticals, or Dr. Raymond J. Moshy, president and chief executive officer of ESCAgenetics, 415-595-5335/

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Date:Aug 26, 1993
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