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PHONE CRAWLS; Ireland ranks 46th in global mobile internet speed table.


IRELAND has mobile internet speeds similar to Morocco and Armenia - and only about a third as fast as countries like Norway and Canada, it's been revealed.

The report on digital quality of life around the globe said the country is way down the rankings.

The study from privacy protection company Surfshark, puts us at 46 out of 65 countries.

The firm's Goddy Ray said Ireland showed surprisingly low results in terms of both mobile internet speed and broadband affordability.

He added: "The [mobile internet speed] is most likely related to underdevelopment of its infrastructure.

"With mobile internet speed of 23.27 Mbps Ireland ranks next to less economically affluent countries such as Armenia, Morocco or Ecuador."

Ireland also ranked very low, 40 out of 65 countries, when it came to the affordability of broadband internet.

This was measured by the time of work needed to afford the cheapest broadband package which was two hours 55 minutes.

Mr Ray said: "The affordability of the Ireland's broadband internet is similar to the countries with low digital quality of life results and lower GDP per capita, such as Brazil (52nd) or Egypt (62nd)."

The privacy protection company based in the British Virgin Islands says the study compared and analysed people's online experiences in 65 countries, covering a population of approximately 5.5 billion in every major region of the world.

The fastest mobile internet speed in the world is in Iceland followed by Norway and Canada - which all have speeds nearly triple Ireland's rate which ranked 46th.

Mobile internet is most affordable in Australia and Israel while broadband internet is most affordable in Israel and Japan.

Overall Ireland was 30th for digital quality of life with Australia coming out on top and France and Singapore in second and third place receptively.

The Surfshark research is based on open-source information from the databases of multiple sources, including the UN, the World Bank, Freedom House and the International Communications Union.


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Aug 22, 2019
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