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PHNAC awards 2015.

PHNAC Awards 2015

Name of      Awardee Name   Organization       Nominator's Essay

New Public   Heike Adams    Lincoln County     Heike Adams in her
Health                      Public Health      role as PHN in
Nurse of                                       Lincoln County has
the Year                                       fearlessly enacted
                                               many of the
                                               activities required
                                               in their PHIP.
                                               Activities includes
                                               the formation of a
                                               cohesive community
                                               Mental Health
                                               Coalition, a vital
                                               Facebook presence
                                               and weekly news
                                               articles to the
                                               public, successfully
                                               launched the NOT
                                               (Not On Tobacco)
                                               Program in Limon
                                               schools, encouraged
                                               workplace lactation
                                               support locally, and
                                               many others.

New Public   Ran Tao        Jefferson County   Ran Tao inher role
Health                      Public Health      as new public health
Nurse of                                       nurse at JCPH in
the Year                                       late 2013,
                                               challenged herself
                                               learning three
                                               programs: HCP,
                                               Immunization, and
                                               Communicable Disease
                                               Control, quickly
                                               becoming competent
                                               in all. She
                                               understands the
                                               importance of
                                               individual and
                                               care. She currently
                                               serves as Treasurer,
                                               on the PHNAC
                                               Scholarship and
                                               Committees, and
                                               recently volunteered
                                               for the website

Most         Sara Lopez     Summit County      Sara Lopez has been
Innovative                  Public Health      an invaluable
Project                                        addition to the
                                               profession of Public
                                               Health in Summit
                                               County. Whether she
                                               is organizing a
                                               rabies procedure
                                               with multiple
                                               agencies or teaching
                                               preschoolers Sara
                                               wears numerous hats
                                               which allow her to
                                               relationships, make
                                               connections and
                                               expand her expertise
                                               in providing high
                                               quality health
                                               services to children
                                               and families.

Lillian      Barbara                           Barbara has been a
Wald         Deloian                           tireless advocate
                                               for children and
                                               youth with special
                                               healthcare needs.
                                               Throughout her 35+
                                               year career she has
                                               worked in a number
                                               of capacities at all
                                               levels of public
                                               health and has
                                               always remained a
                                               champion of public
                                               health nursing.
                                               Barbara has worked
                                               with Tri-County
                                               Public Health to
                                               develop an
                                               innovative program,
                                               supporting high-
                                               risk preterm infants
                                               and their parents.
                                               With her leadership
                                               and guidance TCPH
                                               have developed and
                                               implemented the
                                               program including
                                               understanding what
                                               outcomes to measure
                                               and track.

PHNAC        Kimberly                          Kimberly Boyd is an
Award for    Boyd                              exemplary public
Excellence                                     health nurse and
                                               nurse practitioner.
                                               She formerly worked
                                               at Tri-County Health
                                               Department as a
                                               nurse manager in
                                               Prenatal Plus,
                                               Family Planning, the
                                               HIV Prevention, and
                                               Peak Wellness
                                               programs. Currently,
                                               she owns and manages
                                               Lolina, Inc., a
                                               consultancy for
                                               healthcare and
                                               public health to
                                               achieve improved
                                               population health.
                                               She is also the
                                               current Chair of the
                                               Public Health Nurse
                                               Practice Council.
                                               She is a visionary
                                               working with others
                                               from CPHA and CEHA
                                               in the creation of
                                               the Colorado Public
                                               Health Mentoring
                                               Program in 2012.
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