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PGP Corporation Releases PGP Universal 1.1 with Expanded Capabilities for Enterprise Secure Messaging.

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PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 2004

PGP Corporation's Product Enhancements Add Capability for

Microsoft Exchange Server Users, Incorporate S/MIME

and X.509 Messaging Standards, LDAP Directories,

and Mac OS X Support

PGP Corporation, the global leader in digital information security, today announced a new version of its PGP(R) Universal product.

This new product extends the world's first enterprise security architecture to a broader user base and allows improved interfacing with existing email security infrastructures. PGP Universal Server shifts the burden of securing email messages and attachments from the desktop to the network in a way that is automatic and entirely transparent to users. The product line is actively being used by large enterprises worldwide. PGP Universal Server is an award-winning solution, having received the VARBusiness Technology Innovation Editor's Choice Award, and was recently featured in Information Security magazine.

"The PGP Universal product line focuses on the three A's," said Phillip Dunkelberger, President and CEO of PGP Corporation. "First, we automate processes (encryption, digital signatures, key management) to make email security simple and easy; second, we aggregate tasks and functions (desktop and network email security, PKI infrastructure) under a single architecture to make systems management more effective; and third, we accelerate an enterprise's ability to quickly and inexpensively deploy secure messaging to all critical employees and external partners."

The Product

PGP Universal Server 1.1 includes significant feature enhancements to the product line, first introduced in September 2003, simplified installation for IT administrators and a new pricing structure. Key functional enhancements in PGP Universal 1.1 include:

S/MIME and X.509 support -- PGP Universal Server 1.1 now supports S/MIME messages and X.509 certificates in addition to OpenPGP keys and messages. This capability allows PGP Universal to interoperate with PKI deployments, easily adding email security to existing PKI investments.

Microsoft Exchange MAPI support -- PGP Universal Satellite now supports Microsoft Outlook users who use MAPI to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server, providing both gateway and end-to-end email security.

PGP Universal Satellite Mac OS X -- PGP Universal Satellite now supports Mac OS X as well as Windows clients.

LDAP Directory Synchronization -- PGP Universal Server 1.1 now automatically synchronizes with popular directory servers, including Active Directory and Exchange Groups, allowing customers to apply security policy only to LDAP defined users.

PGP Universal Web Messenger Inbox -- PGP Universal Web Messenger now displays a full webmail-style secure Inbox for messages received by external users.

PGP Universal Web Messenger attachments and HTML -- PGP Universal Web Messenger now supports sending and receiving of attachments as well as display of HTML content, including inline images.

PGP Universal Web Messenger Internationalization -- PGP Universal Web Messenger is now automatically internationalized for users in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

PGP Universal Web Messenger load balancing -- PGP Universal Web Messenger now load balances services between clustered PGP Universal Servers designated as PGP Universal Web Messenger servers.

Architecture Goals

Added Mr. Dunkelberger: "Our technology vision begins with secure email, then expands to include all enterprise digital information. In the future, we will extend PGP Universal technology to also secure instant messaging, mobile devices, stored local and network data, CRM and ERP records, and all other digital information that can be proxied at the transport level. PGP Universal Server is the foundation on which we will build this future."

PGP Universal Server 1.1 further addresses the myriad needs and goals of a wide range of users within the enterprise:

For Executive and Business Management: User transparency; automatic central security policy; two-way policy enforcement; digital signatures; immediate, incremental, and scalable deployment; and low cost of ownership.

For Network, Email, and IT Management: Implementation; interoperability and standards compatibility; certificate and message format compatibility; self-managing security architecture; incremental deployment.

For Information Security Management: Central, two-way security policy management; network-based policy enforcement; self-managing security architecture; single solution; keyless recipient management; certificate- and message format-agnostic; additional decryption keys (ADKs); and trusted technology foundation.

PGP Universal Relieves Organizational Concerns about Information Security

Mr. Dunkelberger concludes: "By enabling enterprise-wide security of information assets, PGP Universal Server helps organizations mitigate corporate risk and manage governance and regulatory requirements. Organizations can secure confidential business assets and intellectual property while ensuring customer and employee information privacy -- both internally and externally. Communications with partners, contractors, outsourcers, and suppliers, as well as with shareholders and the media, can be uniformly secured and digitally signed."

Product Reviews

Early reviews of PGP Universal have been outstanding: "PGP Universal is a winner. It solves a real problem and could provide a feasible PKI deployment option to enterprises that have e-mail security, but stopped short because of the difficulty and cost of distributing and maintaining public/private keys," says Fred Avolio, in Information Security magazine. "PGP Universal proved it can take the burden and support costs out of doing a PKI secure e-mail."

Availability and Pricing

PGP Universal Server 1.1 is now shipping worldwide. The pricing structure has been simplified for medium and large enterprises. All licensing is not per internal email address secured with one price for users secured in the Gateway and another for users secured End-to-End (to the user desktop). Subscription pricing for 500 seat Gateway licenses are approximately $20,000. Subscription pricing for 500 seat End-to-End licenses are approximately $30,000.

About PGP Corporation

The worldwide leader in secure messaging and information storage, PGP Corporation develops, markets, and supports products used by a broad installed base of enterprises, businesses, governments, individuals, and cryptography experts to secure proprietary and confidential information.

During the past ten years, PGP(R) technology has built a global reputation for open and trusted security products. The PGP Corporation family of products includes PGP Universal -- an automatic, self-managing, network-based solution for enterprises -- as well as desktop, mobile, and SDK solutions. Venture funding is provided by DCM-Doll Capital Management and Venrock Associates. Contact PGP Corporation at or 650-319-9000.

PGP is a registered trademark and the PGP logo is a trademark of PGP Corporation. Product and brand names used in the document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any such trademarks or registered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

Microsoft Exchange Server is either a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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