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PGI provides a complete gas measurement package: accurate, reliable, functional, quality.

PGI International provides a complete natural gas measurement package that includes innovative instrument valves, manifolds and engineered products for the natural gas industry. Our goal is to continuously innovate with new, quality products that enable the highest degree of measurement accuracy, lowest emissions, and provide optimal functionality.

Accurately measuring natural gas flow includes differential pressure, temperature, and heat content measurement. PGI's natural gas measurement package is focused on these essential elements and includes the following patented products:

* SRE/GLE Tester[TM]

* Direct-Mount Systems[TM]


* Pressure-Core[TM] Stem Seal

* Interceptor[TM] Natural Gas Samplers

* Hot-Shot[TM] Heated Enclosures

* ThermoSync[TM] Thermowells

Pressure Measurement: PGI, a pioneer in pulsation testing using its patented Square Root/Gauge Line Error Tester, has worked with industry measurement experts and field technicians over the past two decades to improve natural gas measurement accuracy at custody transfer points. Our experience led to development of PGI's patented Direct-Mount[TM] Systems that minimize gauge line error associated with pulsation and subsequent square root error.

PGI's most recent innovation, its family of WIDE PATTERN[TM] Five-Valve Manifolds, was developed with the field technician in mind, uniquely positioning valves for improved functionality and no "finger pinching." The manifolds include our patented PressureCore[TM] Stem Seal technology that requires no bonnet adjustment and eliminates leaks that would result in measurement drift and fugitive emissions.

Temperature Measurement: Pipelines maintain fairly constant temperatures in pipelines below ground but daily and seasonal temperature fluctuation on meter run sections above ground transfer directly to standard thermowells that contain the temperature sensors. As the difference between pipe wall and true gas temperature increases, temperature error from pipe thermal coupling increases. Ambient temperature influence of only a few degrees will shift the calculated flow volume beyond the published accuracy of flow computers and add significantly to unaccountable errors.

PGI's ThermoSync[TM] System provides a more accurate and responsive temperature measurement than standard thermowells by significantly reducing thermal transfer from the pipeline. The patented design features a finned section that increases the surface area over 7.5 times the surface area of a conventional thermowell. The increased surface area allows the ThermoSync thermowell to thermally synchronize to the flowing gas temperature.

A few degrees can make a difference. Using flow lab test results, two flow rates were used to compare conventional stainless steel thermowells with the ThermoSync System. The results for orifice measurement are illustrated in the following chart. Temperature impact on turbine or PD meters is more dramatic.

PGI's Interceptor[TM] Natural Gas Sampling System is a low cost composite sampler used at points of custody transfer; a well accepted alternative to much more expensive natural gas chromatographs. The Interceptor is used to obtain composite natural gas samples over a given period of time. This reliable, easy to use product enables customer selected time-based or flow proportional sampling methods with adjustable bite sizes to fill a 300cc or 500cc sample cylinder over a given time period. Set the system up to do the work for you and return after your specified time to obtain a representative sample.

PGI's Hot-Shot[TM] Gas Sample Heating System enables customers to comply with API's 14.1 standard revision, "Collecting and Handling of Natural Gas Samples for Custody Transfer". The recently published standard requires that the temperature of the sample system components be maintained above the hydrocarbon dew point of the gas being sampled. Typically this requires heating the sample system.

The Hot-Shot[TM] System uses electricity or natural gas operating a compact catalytic heater to continuously heat the sample pump, probe and cylinder. The heater supply gas is taken from the sample probe, so no external gas supply is needed.

Because the new standard calls for the sample to be heated beginning at the probe, the Hot-Shot Gas Sample Heating System provides for a sample probe with high thermal conductivity that ensures heating of the entire probe. In addition, the finned probe end improves efficiency by drawing heat from the gas stream.

For safety, the enclosure heater is approved for Class 1, Division 1 locations. The temperature in the enclosure is regulated and includes overheat protection. A large capacity scrubber protects the heater and sampler solenoid from moisture and [H.sub.2]S.

Although designed for use with the PGI Interceptor line of Gas Samplers, the Hot-Shot can be used with other manufacturer's samplers.

Review PGI International's website at or contact us for more information regarding our natural gas measurement package, which includes instrument products, natural gas and liquid samplers, and thermal-electric battery chargers.
Actual Temp. Flow Rate
Flow Rate Thermowell ([degrees]F) (Mcf/Hour)

60 CFM Actual 70.0 48.00
 ThermoSync 70.2 47.99
 Conventional 77.5 47.58

300 CFM Actual 70.0 240.00
 ThermoSync 70.0 240.00
 Conventional 73.8 238.93

Actual Error * Error
Flow Rate Thermowell (Mcf/Hour) ($Cost/Hour)

60 CFM Actual 0.00 $0.00
 ThermoSync 0.01 $0.75
 Conventional 0.42 $2.61

300 CFM Actual 0.00 $0.00
 ThermoSync 0.00 $0.00
 Conventional 1.07 $6.67

* Assumes $6.25/Mcf
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Comment:PGI provides a complete gas measurement package: accurate, reliable, functional, quality.
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