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PETS; The ideal place to rest in peace.

ANYONE who's ever owned a pet knows just how awful the effect of its death can be on members of the family.

Somehow disposing of a dog by leaving its body at the vet or even just burying it in the garden seems inadequate.

The news earlier in the week of a long-forgotten pet cemetery being discovered in an overgrown garden demonstrates yet again that these emotions are nothing new - our ancestors experienced them, too.

Partly as a result of this I have always been interested in pet cemeteries and pet crematoriums. Crematoriums in particular, when very well done, satisfy many needs.

We have just been contacted by Kenneth and Jill Wheeler, the owners of two pet crematoriums, one in Durham, the other in Larkhall.

Their first, the Pet Crematorium, was founded in 1983, when the death of their beloved dog Lady brought home to them the need to say "farewell" to a dear friend.

Jill wrote: "The loss of such an unconditional love can be devastating and needs to be shared with others who understand."

In 1992, Kenneth and Jill founded the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria which was formed to insure high standards of care. The association now has members throughout the British Isles.

In 1994, Kenneth, Jill and co-director Andrew Rogerson opened their Kennel of Rest in Larkhall. From the smallest budgie to the largest St Bernard, each pet is cremated individually by name. Owners are welcome to bring their pets to The Pets Crematorium at Larkhall where they can say their farewells in the privacy of their tranquil Kennels of Rest, or a specialist vehicle can call to collect the pets from vets or homes.

The ashes are returned to you either in a handcrafted cedarwood casket with an individually painted flower of the season and brass name plaque or in a biodegradable box suitable for burial or scattering.

For further information, contact the Pet Crematorium, Baird Avenue, Strutherhill, Larkhall, Lanarkshire ML9 2PJ, or telephone 01698 888500.

YET another creature - the Gila lizard - is assisting the cause of human medicine.

The Gila hails from Arizona, but are popular zoo exhibits, being spectacularly eye-catching with their red and black or yellow and black pigmentation.

Glasgow Zoo is one of the places to breed them regularly in Europe.

The Gila's venom contains the compound Exendin which is being turned into a new drug to fight Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is suffered by approximately 1.2 million people in Britain.

Exendin is similar to a natural hormone called GLP1 and has the power to control the secretion of the body's own insulin. It also influences the speed the stomach empties and regulates appetite.

Doctors hope it will reduce the death rate from the complications of diabetes, which are strokes and heart attacks.

IF you have ever wanted to enter a dog show but have been too nervous to try any of the fairly "serious" shows, The Scottish Newfoundland Club is hosting an Exemption Show on Sunday, July 30, at 11am at 13 Humbie Holdings, Kirknewton.

All proceeds are in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and everyone with a dog is welcome. Contact Mrs Anne Leitch during office hours on 0141 772 5661.


AUGUST 20: Fife Kennel Association's Open Show in Kirkcaldy. Schedules from Mrs M. Hynd, 16 Main Street, Low Valleyfield, Fife KY12 8TF. Telephone: 01383 881967. Entries close July 24.

AUGUST 26: Lhasa Apso First Championship Breed Show in Bo'ness. Schedules from Mr J. Anderson, 8 Whitehill Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY6 2RW. Telephone: 01592 771371. Entries close July 22.

SEPTEMBER 24: Clyde Valley German Shepherd Club Championship Show, Glebe Park, Lesmahagow. Entries close September 2. Details: Mrs Jayne Swan. Telephone: 01555 860389.
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Author:O'Grady, Richard
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 20, 2000
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