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PETER TOBIN: MARRIED TO A MONSTER; He made me watch as he had violent, depraved sex with prostitutes. I hated him ...I hated him - Killer's third wife.

Byline: Marcello Mega

THE last wife of serial sex killer Peter Tobin has told how the beast played out sick fantasies of rape and torture with vice girls before doing it for real.

Cathy Wilson, 39, mother of Tobin's son Daniel, was already desperate to leave the brute when he brought prostitutes into their bedroom.

Cathy - the monster's third wife - told The People: "He always made me watch, which I found disgusting, and once he'd dropped them off as arranged and come back home he'd insist on having rough sex with me. It was totally revolting, but he was very threatening and capable of extreme violence. I hated him."

The girls would be stripped and tied with their hands behind their backs. Tobin would always be rough, ignoring any protests. Cathy realises now the depravity she was forced to watch was a rehearsal for the rape and murders of students Dinah McNicol, Vicky Hamilton and Angelika Kluk.

Tobin, 63, was told on Wednesday he will never be freed from jail after being found guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court, Essex, of murdering Dinah, 18. Tobin, of Johnstone, Renfrewshire, was already serving life for killing Vicky, 15, and Angelika, 23.

They were young and waifish - like the vice girls that Tobin brought back to the council house in Bathgate near Edinburgh he shared with Cathy.

Cathy explained how Tobin introduced the sick sex games into their marriage during the last few months before she managed to flee with Daniel.

She said: "We met and married on the south coast but he insisted on putting in for a council house exchange and in 1989 we moved to Bathgate.

"Life was already hell as he'd isolated me from my family and friends, refused to let me work so we'd gone from having our own home and money to living in a council house on benefits.


"But I didn't know the half of it. In December of that year he came back with the first of his waifs and strays. Thankfully, Daniel, who was just a toddler, was in bed.

"'Who's this?' I asked as he led her in by the hand, although the mini-skirt, slutty top and dyed blonde hair were giving me a pretty good clue.

"I remember him leering at me and saying 'She's going to help us have a good time tonight'.

"He was practically salivating and there was a light in his eyes that terrified me. I was too scared to say what I wanted to, which was along the lines of get her out of my home.

"He sneered at me and said: 'I've brought her along for both of us'.

"I was even more revolted and told him he knew I wasn't like that. But he told me he wanted me to watch and 'maybe learn how to give your husband a good time'. I wanted to scream, run away, hide, but Daniel was asleep upstairs and I realised I just had to get through this, like I had to get through everything else.

"He made me sit on the bed while he mauled this young thing. When he'd stripped her off, he took a thin scarf of mine, turned her round and pulled her arms behind her back.

"She looked like resisting for a moment and he must have felt her tense up, because he gave a sharp tug on one arm and said 'Remember I paid extra for this'. When her hands were tied behind her back, he pulled tight and she let out a little moan of pain.

"He started to have sex with her, really roughly. When she told him he was hurting her, he reached round and clamped his hand over her mouth and said 'Shut the f** up. Remember, you're a whore not my f***ing mistress'.

"I couldn't look at her when he'd finished with her and she was getting dressed. After seeing what she'd been subjected to, how she earned a living, I pitied her.

"I'd only turned 20 myself. I was still young and naive. As soon as the door closed behind them, I burst into tears. How had I fallen so low so soon? I was miserable and utterly baffled. He got back in less than an hour.

"I started to tell him never to do that to me again, but he just clamped his mouth over mine. He insisted on having rough sex with me as well. I couldn't think of anything less desirable at that time, but I had no choice. When he wanted sex, he took it."

Cathy had been only 16 when she met Tobin who was close to 40 and had been married twice before. He was charismatic and she was impressed by his knowing manner.

But as soon as she fell pregnant she knew she'd made a big mistake. His behaviour changed overnight. "Throwing his dinner at me and pushing me up against the wall with his hands round my throat became routine," she said. "Visitors must have thought my name was 'useless bitch' or 'slut', because that was all he called me."


There were two more visits from prostitutes before Cathy and Daniel managed to flee.

Cathy said: "He came back with another unhappy, painfully thin girl. It was a freezing night and she looked blue.

"She looked awful, but she was a brunette and looked a little bit like me a few years earlier, before I had developed. It gave me quite a turn. I really didn't want to watch him abuse that poor girl as well. But I had no choice.

"If anything it was worse than the first time. When he was being really rough with her and she protested, he stopped, cuffed her hard across the side of the head.

"She was crying and saying 'No, no. Please stop, you're hurting me'. The more she cried and pleaded, the more it turned him on.

"I thought I was going to vomit. I felt so sorry for her, but to be honest my main concern was Daniel.

"I said 'You're hurting her, please don't. She'll wake Daniel'. He said 'If she wakes Daniel, she'll be sorry'. She obviously thought he meant it because she kept it down to a whimper after that.

"I was so distressed that my husband was such a monster. He clearly got off on her pain and her attempted resistance.

"I was too young and naive to put it into words at the time, but what he was displaying was that he had a really powerful rape fantasy."

Tobin took the distraught young woman back into town and again told Cathy to stay awake for him, then forced her to endure another mauling.

Cathy finally managed to escape in March 1990, just 11 months before Vicky Hamilton was raped, murdered and her body cut in half in the same house. But before Cathy got away, she had to watch a third sickening scene.

She recalled: "It was still bitter cold but he kept telling me winter would soon be over and that Daniel would like the Spring. Then he winked and said he felt like celebrating the coming spring, got his car keys and went out.

"I realised from something the girl said later to him while he was hurting her that he'd taken a while to persuade someone to go with him. She'd been warned, but needed the money.

"She was physically much like the previous girl, and could have been my little sister.

"He was clearly now into his routine with this scenario and for the first few minutes, things went exactly as they had before, except that she didn't stop crying out when he told her to.

"He was really hurting her and she was terrified. At first, her fear seemed to turn him on, but then he suddenly switched and was in a fury.

"He struck her really hard across the face, grabbed her tights off the floor, bundled them up and stuffed them in her mouth.

"But they were too small to stifle everything and he rummaged about in a drawer, taking out some hair ties and scarves.

"In a few seconds, he had improvised a collar and lead and had it round her throat, pulling harder and harder until she got the message and stopped any attempt to struggle and cry out. She was now bound and gagged and totally at his mercy. He would twist the collar a bit more until she let out a frightened gasp. I was too scared to say much, but at one point I had to intervene. 'Please stop. Please don't kill her,' I said. But the only effect my plea seemed to have was to excite him more. He loved the power and the control.

"When he'd finished, he told her to get dressed, but to stay in the bedroom.

"I was crying silently as she tried to compose herself. She looked like I would imagine a woman would look who had been raped and half-killed. Eventually, I said 'I'm so sorry. I hate it and I hate him'. She looked at me for a few moments, then said 'I'm sorry for you. I'll never see him again after tonight'. Her words helped give me the courage to make the break. There were so many things I couldn't continue to take, but this sick hobby of his was the last straw. I wondered how far he might go to get his kicks, and I knew that even if I risked our lives, I had to leave."

Tobin rarely left Cathy alone in the house for more than half an hour. He had also threatened to kill Daniel if she left. She said: "Once, the morning after one of his evenings with a prostitute, I told him Daniel and I were leaving.

"He lifted Daniel up, carried him to the top of the stairs and lifted him over his head, challenging me with the most hideous glare. 'If you try to leave me, I'll kill him,' he said and made as if to throw him.

"I screamed, promised not to go and pleaded with him to give me my son back. He just laughed at me. He was certain he'd made his point."

But in March 1990 Tobin went to a car auction.

Cathy knew he'd be away for at least three hours.

She'd been saving for this moment and had managed to tuck pounds 25 away.

She grabbed Daniel, stuffed a few clothes into two carrier bags and ran to the bus stop. At Edinburgh they got the overnight bus to London. Cathy said: "Next day, we landed at my grandparents' home in Portsmouth, and I felt safe." After a few weeks Tobin tracked them down.

He said he accepted the marriage was over but he wanted access to his son.

Cathy thought she had no power to refuse. She said: "I suppose it was inevitable, but he failed to return him after one trip out. Out of my mind with worry, I received a phone call after midnight. 'I've taken my son back to Scotland,' he sneered, 'and you'll never see him again'."

She fooled Tobin into thinking she was willing to try to make their relationship work so that he would bring Daniel back.

But she secured a court order giving her custody and had the bailiffs throw Tobin out soon after he'd arrived. She said: "He was furious. He wasn't used to being fooled by a woman. But after a while he seemed to accept it. He remained on the south coast and over time won the right to see Daniel again."

Tobin got a house in Margate where he buried the remains of Vicky and Dinah - and then allowed his son to play over their hidden tomb.

Cathy said: "How many times had my son played happily in that garden, just a few feet above the bodies? The thought appals me.

"I can't comprehend how any father could create a play area for his child to cover up a murder."


Cathy, who got divorced, was relieved when Tobin got a 14-year sentence for drugging and raping two schoolgirls. But after 10 years he was freed and she feared he would try to kill her.

She said: "My nerves were shot to pieces. Every time the doorbell rang, I expected to find him standing there. But it never happened.

"Instead, I took a phone call one day telling me Tobin had featured on news bulletins in the hunt for Angelika Kluk's killer in Glasgow.

"He was on the run for a few days, probably the most terrifying days of my life. I felt sure that with nothing left to lose, he'd be trying to find us. I finally told Daniel everything.

"Daniel is a lovely 21-year-old with a very gentle nature who could not be more unlike his father. I just pray the trauma of having such a father doesn't blight his life."

Cathy went to Edinburgh High Court to see her ex-husband jailed for life in 2007. Then she had to give evidence at his latest trial.

Now she is braced for more grim news as police probe whether Tobin was behind the disappearance of other girls. But she is relieved the monster will die in jail.

Cathy said: "I only hope that his loss of freedom forever causes him some of the misery he's caused others.

"No punishment could ever be severe enough for the monster I married. If ever a man was born who should rot in Hell, it's Peter Tobin."


FREE: Cathy today after her years of torment with Tobin EVIL: Tobin plays loving dad with Cathy VICTIM: Dinah McNicol VICTIM: Vicky Hamilton VICTIM: Angelika Kluk
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