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 ATLANTA, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A new hand-held personal alarm from Atlanta-based Personal Security Inc. (PSI) provides a safe alternative to mace, pepper spray and other protection devices that attackers frequently take from and use against victims.
 The Uni-Guard Personal Alarm System is unique in that it is the first affordable hand-held alarm that allows the user to simply warn a would-be attacker, or to set off the 115-decibel, 90-second alarm that cannot be silenced. The only other personal alarm on the market that has dual-alarm, timer and muffle-proof features sells for more than three times the cost of Uni-Guard. (SoundMate by Sharper Image.)
 The "warning" alarm, also 115 decibels, is sounded by pressing a grooved switch downward. The ear-piercing siren continues until the switch is turned off. Pushing upward activates the "alert" alarm, which sounds for 90 seconds even if pushed to the off position.
 The alarm has a unique sound designed to draw attentio louder than the average car alarm and can be heard for up to half a mile. The product is made of durable lightweight ABS plastic that will not break even if stomped on by an attacker.
 According to PSI President Boyd Barrow, Uni-Guard was designed to fill a critical void among protection devices. Although weapons, including chemical sprays, guns and knives, provide a sense of security to some people, a 1991 study by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee showed that victims using weapons to defend themselves have those weapons used against them in more than 40 percent of all such cases. The Uni-Guard alarm, however, cannot be used against a victim.
 Furthermore, many people are hesitant to actually harm another person even if they feel threatened, and victims often do not know they are in danger until the attacker is too close to ward off. The dual warning/alert alarm, however, allows carriers to ward off danger at the first hint of vulnerability, at no risk to the user or to the would-be attacker.
 Accessibility is another benefit. Whereas chemical sprays -- even tucked away in a purse -- can be dangerous in a household with a child, the alarm cannot maim, burn or critically injure a child. "This is something you can keep by the front door, by your bedstand or in the console of your car, and you don't have to worry about your children harming themselves," said Barrow. That is one reason why the National Crime Prevention and Safety Council recommends the use of personal alarms.
 The Uni-Guard alarm is ideal for elderly persons, and anyone wishing to enhance their personal safety. The alarm also provides parents with a safe device for their children to use, providing the child is mature enough to use the alarm as a safety device. For that reason, PSI does not recommend the use of alarms for children under 10 years of age.
 Alarms are also perfect for travelers. Whereas chemical sprays are illegal in 13 states and on some forms of public transportation, such as commercial airlines, alarm devices are not.
 The Uni-Guard alarm uses a standard 9-volt alkaline battery which can only be accessed by removing two screws. Unlike some other personal alarms, this safety feature prevents an attacker from unplugging the battery by popping off the back casing.
 Weighing 4 ounces, the Uni-Guard alarm is 5 inches long by 1.5 inches in diameter, and is designed for easy one-handed operation.
 PSI, which introduced Uni-Guard in November, reports brisk sales. The product is sold through distributors and by mail order. The retail price is $29.95.
 -0- 6/16/93
 /EDITOR'S NOTE: If you would like to examine a Uni-Guard Personal Alarm, please contact Boyd Barrow at 404-390-0621 so that a unit can be sent to you./
 /CONTACT: Boyd Barrow of Personal Security Inc., 404-390-0621/

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