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Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:PWRD), Beijing, China, a leading online game developer and operator in China, has launched brand new expansion pack, "Born to Be King" for "Legend of Martial Arts." The release follows the highly successful July 2007 "Fairy from Wonderland" expansion pack release.

"Legend of Martial Arts" is the company's second self-developed 3D MMORPG and has become highly popular among Chinese game players since its initial launch in September, 2006. Since then, it has also been licensed to seven countries and regions and has been launched under license in Taiwan. The company believes "Born to Be King" will further improve the content of "Legend of Martial Arts" and enhance the user experience.

The new content in the release includes "Clan Base System", "Resource Gathering System", "Advanced Territory Battle System", and the online "Martial Arts Festival." The content is designed to provide game players with entertaining material in a comic atmosphere. The launch of "Born to Be King", which is the perfect mix of popular and unique features, interesting activities, and new rewards, again demonstrates the company's commitment to effectively execute its core strategy with proprietary technology capabilities.

"'Legend of Martial Arts' is the first domestically-developed comic-style MMORPG," commented Mr. Michael Chi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Perfect World. "It has received much attention in the domestic online game market and received multiple awards including 'Best Self-Developed Online Games' and 'Top 10 Most Anticipated Online Games by Game Players' by ChinaJoy in 2006, and 'Top 10 Most Popular Online Games in 2007' at the Internet Content and Entertainment Expo China 2007. We believe this release will significantly enhance the user experience and introduce further excitement and enjoyment through the new and unique content that we have developed."

About Perfect World Co., Ltd.

Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:PWRD) ("Perfect World" or the "company") is a leading online game developer and operator in China. Perfect World primarily develops three-dimensional ("3D") online games based on the proprietary Angelica 3D game engine and game development platform. The company's strong technology and creative game design capabilities, combined with extensive local knowledge and experience, enable it to frequently and rapidly introduce popular games designed to cater to changing customer preferences and market trends in China. The company's current portfolio of self-developed 3D massively multiplayer online role playing games ("MMORPGs") consists of "Perfect World," "Legend of Martial Arts," "Perfect World II" and "Zhu Xian." The company uses a time-based model for "Perfect World," and an item-based model for "Legend of Martial Arts," "Perfect World II" and "Zhu Xian." While most revenues are generated in China, the company's games have been licensed to leading game operators in more than ten countries and regions. The company plans to continue to explore new and innovative business models and remains deeply committed to maximizing shareholder value over time.

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