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 WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Perceptronics Inc. (OTC: PERC) announced today that the Company had completed installation of its CACE/PM(R) process modeling and simulation software at two key Washington, D.C. organizations: the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), a key agency in the Department of Commerce, and the Institute of Defense Analysis (IDA), a Federally Funded R&D Center for the Department of Defense.
 The CACE/PM software was provided to NIST and IDA as part of Perceptronics' contract deliverables under the Concurrent Engineering Program sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The objective of the multiyear program was to develop new software tools and methodologies for improving the efficiency of the U.S. defense electronics industry. CACE/PM has received high recognition as a DICE program product for its broad functionality, excellent human interface and dual-use capabilities.
 "We are gratified to have our advanced software in the hands of the outstanding scientists and engineers at these prestigious organizations," said Dr. Gershon Weltman, chairman and chief executive officer. "Both NIST and IDA are leaders in the design automation research area, and we are certain that their use of CACE/PM will help demonstrate the value of process modeling and simulation and the capabilities of the CACE/PM software to industry as a whole. We also anticipate that NIST and IDA will contribute to the application of CACE/PM in the new DoD acquisition initiatives."
 CACE/PM is designed to provide users with the ability to improve product designs and reduce costs through computer modeling, graphical visualization, real-time simulation, and simulation based-analysis of the product development and manufacturing processes. Personnel at NIST and IDA plan to use the CACE/PM software to model, simulate and analyze product design and manufacturing in a variety of electrical and electromechanical applications, and to demonstrate its use to other government agencies and contractors. Perceptronics will provide continuing support as part of its CACE commercial software marketing and support.
 Perceptronics is engaged in research and development and in the manufacture and marketing of computer-based simulations software and systems for commercial and military training and decision support.
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Date:Sep 8, 1993
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