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PEP talk: AMG/Parade announces new content division.


As the amount of information available for consumption continues to grow, so has the importance of producing distinguishable content in an oversaturated market.

AMG|Parade, who recently acquired Harris Publications, has responded by creating a new division to sustain its ability to provide premium content for more than 1,400 newspaper partners throughout the US. Major media groups such as Cox, Lee, Morris and GateHouse are among those that partner with the company.

"There is more competition for reader attention," AMG|Parade executive vice president Tracey Altman said. "The only thing that earns that attention is unique, quality content."

According to Altman, the new initiative entitled PEP (Partner Enhancement Program), "seeks to augment what our partners do with equally strong content for key topics." Senior vice president and chief content officer Lisa Delaney will oversee content development for PEP and the former Harris titles.

Though the company's primary focus will continue to revolve around sports, food and lifestyle across print, mobile, digital and audio platforms, the acquisition of Harris Publications is expected to expand the type of content it can provide.

"Not only did we obtain successful newsstand performers, but Harris's assets in the pop culture, enthusiast, gardening and decorating categories will allow us to broaden the scope of topics and products we can offer via PEP," Altman said.

With PEP, newspaper content will be distributed through platforms such as broadsheets and specialized sections, digital video, themed slide shows, interactive mobile content, subscription premiums and glossy magazines.

"We believe that quality and brand recognition are important. You have to truly engage with the reader, not just fill space," Altman said. "We also took into consideration that one size does not fit all. We created turnkey solutions that allow newspapers of all sizes able to take part in and grow reader engagement and revenues."

While its most recognizable product remains the weekly Sunday newspaper magazine insert Parade, which currently has a print circulation of 22 million, other popular print brands published by the company include Relish, Spry Living, Athlon Sports & Life and American Profile's Community Table.

"In addition to our weekly and monthly magazines, our content will be provided via PEP to newspapers and their websites as content with or without our brand logos, complete with by lines of our writers and editors," Altman said. "It will be made available as predesigned content or as text and images based on the needs of the partners."

For more information, visit athlonmediagroup. com.--SS

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"If the information's not there--if there's something that one of the candidates did that we learn about in somebody's memoir in 20 years, that really was essential to understanding who they are--that means we failed, in my view."

* Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward on the role of journalists covering this year's presidential election. Caption: AMG|Parade print brands include American Profile's Community Table, Athlon Sports & Life, Parade, Relish and Spry Living.

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