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Alex hands the final death blow with the "Shift" skill, changing his final card of "Three of Diamonds" to the trump card "Two of Spades". With that move, he defeats his opponents and wins the game of Big 2.5.

Sounds like a scene only possible in the movie "God of Gamblers"? Fans of the game Big 2 or "Choa Dai Di" as it is more commonly known here in Cantonese, can now pit their skills and display special moves like the "Shift" skill or "Swap" skill, against friends in the game of Big 2.5, a wacky variation of Big 2. And all the action is happening on your PC in the comfort of your home, or on your mobile while you are on the go, as you compete with friends or opponents staying just across you or even from as far as the United States.

Welcome to the world of Viwawa ( ), a new mobile gaming portal, freshly launched by Pendulab, a subsidiary of the premium mobile content provider, SolidLabs Inc. Built and conceived in Singapore by a passionate group of developers, Viwawa strives to bring the fun-loving into a multiplayer network of exciting casual gaming.

"The goal of Viwawa is to take mobile gaming to a broader perspective and hit all target markets," said Jim Capps, president of SolidLabs. "We've created Viwawa to give users games, but also the chat capability. Multi- player gaming is now mobile and players can compete with friends or make new ones, even if they aren't on the same continent. We are eager to develop more for the multi-person mobile gaming revolution."

Pendulab's games, such as Big 2.5 and Stwack, are spun out of existing popular games or childhood caricatures that we are familiar with. Each game contains special tricks and power-up items that players can purchase with cash or earn "gold" to buy them to be at a greater advantage against their opponents. The more matches a player wins, the more "gold" they can earn. Players can also take part in tournaments and are globally ranked in its Hall of Fame.

Make new friends or vote for your favourite "wawa"! Pendulab's game plan is its ability to deliver an interactive gaming experience on Viwawa. Players can privately message each other while gaming or have fun with a wallpost. You can also create your own avatars known as "wawas", giving them a new look each day if you want, and get a chance to vote your favourite "wawas" or have your own creation voted.

The games on Viwawa are available free of charge, needing zero joining or subscription fee. For a start, the company is also offering players a chance to win prizes such as the Sony Playstation 3 or the Nintendo Wii.

"Whether you are at home or on the go, as long as you have a mobile phone or internet access, you will never miss the action happening at Viwawa," said Christopher Low, Director of Pendulab. "This is the portability of Viwawa in this exciting age of mobile gaming. More content and games will be coming up. We are in the midst of developing more interactive and innovative multi-player games and will continue to do so to engage gamers out there."

About Pendulab Pendulab was incorporated in 2001.

Pendulab's area of businesses includes Enterprise Collaboration Solution, Premium Mobile Content and Social Multiplayer Gaming. Pendulab is a privately held company which focuses on developing and hosting mobile content and applications that drive customer acquisition for telecommunication companies and MVNOs. Pendulab offers design and consultancy, premium content development, content aggregation, and implementation services. Pendulab boasts numerous Fortune 500 companies in its client base with more than 2000 customers globally.

Pendulab is part of the SilkRoad Equity family of companies, a leading Venture Capital firm based in the USA.

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