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PEINT, PLIS! The Deri Arms has been a watering hole for the inhabitants of Cwmderi since Pobol y Cwmwas first launched in October 1974. Many popular characters have owned or run the pub since then and here's a closer look at some of them.

Cliff and Megan James

(played by Clive Roberts and Lisabeth Miles)

The original owner of the Deri Arms was Cliff James and he lived there with his wife, Megan and their adopted son, Gareth Wyn. Cliff died in 1979 while Megan was pregnant with their daughter, Rhian. It wasn't long before Megan decided to sell the Deri because of the pressures of running a public house and raising two small children alone.

Nerys Cadwaladr (played by Gaynor Morgan Rees)

International jetsetter Nerys, who lived in Canada, returned to the village following Cliff's death, staying on to support her friend, Megan.

Nerys was the surprise buyer of the Deri, but she found herself in financial troubles during her tenure as landlady. Her passion was for fashion, and she was only too happy to swap pulling pints for a job at a top international fashion house.

Reg and Megan Harries (played by Huw Ceredig and Lisabeth Miles)

With Reg, her newhusband, at her side, Megan returned to the Deri, and the couple enjoyed a long and successful stint as landlords. The actor who played their son, Gareth Wyn, was none other than Ioan Gruffudd. They decided to leave the stressful world of inn-keeping after Reg suffered a heart attack on Christmas Day 1991.

Glan Morris and Jean 'McGurk' Morris

(played by Cadfan Roberts and Iola Gregory)

One of Pobol y Cwm's most popular characters, sharp-tongued Mrs McGurk landed in Cwmderi in 1987, and established her successful scrap business. To her more dodgy friends' dismay, she found love with special constable Glan, and they married in 1991 so Glan wouldn't have to testify against her in an insurance fraud case. They had a son, Daniel, in 1994 but it wasn't long before tragedy struck. Glan was diagnosed with cancer and after a courageous battle, he died in 1996. Jean left Cwmderi for Tenerife in 1997, where she now runs a bar.

Teg and Cassie Morris (played by YolandWilliams and Sue Roderick)

Teg was Glan's cousin, and both he and his wife, Cassie, were a great support to the family during Glan's illness. As Glan's condition worsened, Teg took on more and more of the responsibilities and pressures of running the pub, while Cassie had a fling withmany of the male inhabitants of Cwmderi.

They had called time on their relationship by 1999 but there was another twist in their story. Teg was killed by Cassie's psychotic son, Steffan, in 2004.

Dyff and Kath Jones (played by Dewi Rhys and SiwHughes)

The Jones family moved to Cwmderi in 1993, and certainly created a stir. Dyff Jones was a small-time thief from North Wales, who wasn't the most hands-on of dads due to protracted spells in jail. Kath was a formidable woman, and they had two children, goody-two-shoes Stacey and the more troublesome Mark. They bought the Deri Arms after Dyff won the lottery. Dyff died in 2000 and Kath left Cwmderi on the armof her newpartner, Jonny Mac, at the end of last year.

Meic and AnitaPierce (played by Gareth Lewis and NiaCaron)

In January 1975, Meic Pierce, a keen young photographer from Anglesey, arrived in Cwmderi via London.

Over the years, cheeky chappie Meic has had a chequered history. He was jailed for robbing the Post Office, ran the cafe and was unlucky in love - but he's managed to reinvent himself as a successful businessman.

He owns and runs the Deri and the garage and he's part owner of the taxi firm. After reuniting with Anita, mother to his son, Darren, the couple are living happily in the Deri Arms - but for howlong?
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 8, 2008
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