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PECO Awarded State Grant for Prototype Hybrid Bucket Truck.

PECO recently announced it has been awarded a federal Clean Cities grant for more than $83,000 to support the production and testing of a prototype hybrid bucket truck in the Philadelphia region.

According to PECO the funding will cover both the body of the vehicle as well as costs associated with the conversion of the engine and chassis to operate on electricity and gasoline. Following production, PECO will utilize the vehicle and provide feedback on its capabilities to the Department of Energy (DOE).

As part of a nationwide pilot program, PECO and sister utility ComEd in Chicago will be among the first utilities in the nation to test hybrid bucket trucks currently being manufactured in Illinois and Ohio. The trucks are expected to improve fuel economy up to 60 percent compared to diesel-only trucks and be delivered in the spring of 2006.

Contact: Cathy Engel, PECO, phone 215-841-4492, website

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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