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PEC elections for 2015-18 - Many changes needed.

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Pakistan Engineering Council Governing Body (PEC GB) elections for 2015-18 seem to be going off track. PEC has divided 25 registered disciplines into 8 groups each having 1 major discipline. Remaining 17 are shared by 6 groups. Two groups have no minor disciplines; while 2 groups have 5 minor disciplines each, one has 4 minor disciplines, three have 1 minor discipline each. Some disciplines are likely to get bigger GB share than their registered engineers. And some disciplines get smaller shares than their population. Some even have to live without any representation in the GB. And some get no seat in their province's share of GB seats.These errors' have come to light by a study done by a PEC member Engr. Hussain Pervaiz, who is also a lawyer. He suspects that PEC big guns do not consider these omissions as errors'. Here is a summary of shares of all major and minor disciplines in the Council's GB and discipline wise shares of registered engineers.

These statistics show that:

- Telecommunication Engineering with a population of only 2.45%, gets 6 seats 15% seats. It has no minor discipline.

- Electronics Engineering plus its one minor discipline with a population of 10.42% gets 1 seat only 2.5%.

- Metallurgy Engineering and its 4 minor disciplines get 1 full seat' and two half seats' total 2 seats or 5%, though their population is 6.47%.

- Chemical Engineering and its one minor discipline get 2 seats 5%, though their population is 6.41%.

- Civil Engineering plus its minor disciplines get 8 seats 20% of GB seats, while their population is 24.30% + 0.81% (total 25.11%) of PEC registered engineers.

- Mechanical Engineering plus its minor disciplines also get 8 seats 20% though their total population is 15.92% + 2.78% (total 18.70%).

- Electrical Engineering plus minor disciplines get 10 seats 25%, their total population is 25.39%.

- Computer Engineering (no minor discipline) gets 2 seats 5%, its population is 5.20%.In province wise shares Balochistan gets 2 seats (5%); Khyber 5 seats (12.5%); Sindh 14 seats (35%) and Punjab 19 seats (47.5%).

Here Sindh's share seems to be far less than its due, as number of engineers of all disciplines in Karachi alone is far more than any other big city, for example Lahore. Province wise shares of various major and minor disciplines, as included in the PEC plan are: Civil+Arch. Engineering, Geology, Transport, Environment, Urban: Punjab 3, Sindh 1, Khyber 1, B'stan 1 Total 8 seats (20%). Electrical + Bio-medical: Punjab 6, Sindh 3, Khyber 1 Total 10 seats (25%). Mechanical + Mechatronics, Industrial, Nuclear, Textile, Automotive: Punjab 4, Sindh 3, Khyber 1 Total 8 seats (20%). Electronics+ Engineering Sciences Punjab 1, no seats for others Total 1 seat (2.5%). Telecommunications + no minor discipline: Punjab 1, Sindh 3, Khyber 1, Balochistan 1 Total 6 seats (15%).

Computer+no minor discipline: Punjab 1, Sindh 1 Total 2 seats (5%). Metallurgical+ Agriculture, Aeronautical, Mining, Pet-Gas Punjab 1, Sindh half a seat, Khyber half a seat Total 2 seats (5%). Chemical + Polymer Punjab 2, Sindh half a seat, Khyber half a seat Total 3 seats (7.5%). All disciplines (major + minor) Total seats 40 (100%). Analysts believe that votes cast or not cast by engineers in minor disciplines will not affect overall election results. They also believe that no candidate from a minor discipline is likely to win. Another mistake' pointed out by analysts is wrong attachment of minor disciplines. It was pointed out that Electrical Engineering as a major discipline has not got 3 allied disciplines Electronics, Telecom and Computers though electrical engineering is their mother. However, Electrical + Electronics + Engg Sciences + Telecom + Computers get 19 seats 47.5% seats of GB.

Two of the bigger disciplines Electrical and Electronics get 6+1 (7) seats while comparatively much smaller disciplines get 12 GB seats. Another major injustice' has been done with engineers in Industrial Engineering. They are totally unrepresented in GB.Province wise shares too do not appear to be right either. Here Punjab is to get 19 (47.5%), Sindh 14 seats (35%), Khyber 5 seats (12.5%) and Balochistan 2 seats (5%). Many engineers feel that PEC Act 1976 needs to be completely replaced, or getting some major changes. Some senior engineers also see PEC's past performance as poor and needing lots of work. So they say that if a new team is elected and works to give PEC a new life, we should support it. Some engineers even consider that PEC needs to be wholly redesigned' by creating four provincial Engineering Councils and putting them under one federal Engineering Council.

Provincial councils can be raised by applying 18th Amendment. It would allow creating Engineering Councils in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber and Balochistan like Punjab Higher Education Commission. Creation of federal council will give equal rights and representation to all provinces. This will free two small (in terms of engineers' population) provinces Khyber and Balochistan from cribbing about their being thrown aside in handling/ managing engineers. This procedure, will also tackle the matter of seats on provincial basis.
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Publication:Pakistan Engineering Review
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Date:Jun 30, 2015
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