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PE prices drop.

Polyethylene prices dropped another 2-3[cts.]/lb in June after a 3[cts.]/lb decline in May resulted from the collapse of a 3[cts.] increase that had been partially implemented. The latest decline cuts into the 5[cts.] increase that suppliers pushed through in second quarter, so that PE prices this year are now up only 2-3[cts.]/lb.

Contributing factors: A glut in capacity and slackened demand continue to depress PE tabs. Moreover, feed-stocks have been dropping from the sharp spikes earlier this year. Ethylene prices dropped 1.5[cts.]/lb in May and another 1[cts.] in June. Resin-plant operating rates are in the low 80% range on average, and demand is down by 12% from last year. Processors continue to keep their inventories low as better price deals emerge.
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Title Annotation:polyethylene
Author:Schut, Jan H.
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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