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 SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- In addition to creating spectacular effects and animations in the United States, Pacific Data Images (PDI) is increasing it's international reputation. Having successfully completed two Lancia commercials with Armando Testa and Filmmasters in Milan, Italy, and after a tour of Europe's top agencies and production companies, PDI is consistently garnering work from around the world.
 Lancia Thema II -- Armando Testa, Milan, Italy
 In this first of two spots for Lancia and Armando Testa, PDI delivered a twist on morphing, taking it beyond its conventional use as a 2D effect. In the 30-second spot, the new Lancia Thema II emerges from a pool of molten steel, like the "metal man" from "T2." After the car's engine solidifies from the shimmering liquid, the Lancia car body rises up to engulf it, flowing into the shape of the car like magic. The car growing out of the ground and the engine transforming were all 3D effects. Morph was used to integrate between the CGI and the live action. Many of the objects in the spot never existed in reality; they were computer generated from pure data.
 Lancia Delta -- Armando Testa, Milan, Italy
 In addition to turning this project around in less than one month, from live action shooting to delivery of the CGI elements, PDI staff developed proprietary software especially for the spot in which a turbulent ball of fire and molten metal heralds the birth of the new Lancia Delta.
 Pillsbury 'Sunbeam' -- Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany
 PDI's 2-1/2 year old character animation group provided the first ever computer animation in the 27-year history of the U.S. Pillsbury Doughboy for "Mambo." In this spot, the Doughboy does a comic mambo dance. In preparation for the spot, PDI's animators actually took mambo lessons to get a feel for how the character should move. That was followed up with another U.S. spot entitled "Brainstorm." The success of the two spots and the satisfaction at Leo Burnett led to the award of the Pillsbury "Sunbeam" spot on the heels of PDI's tour of Europe's advertising giants. Contracted through Leo Burnett, Frankfurt and for broadcast in the United Kingdom, "Sunbeam" is truly an international collaboration.
 Ultron/Esso -- McCann-Erickson, Manchester, England
 Famous for its "tigerizing" effects and morphs for Exxon in the United States, PDI got a chance to do something special for Ultron/Esso products abroad. This time utilizing morph to transform fast-flowing computer-generated oil into a live action image of a tiger's paw and eye.
 Sun 'Progress' -- Lintas Worldwide, London & Milan, Italy
 Hands made of computer-generated running water and bubbles demonstrate the cleaning prowess of Sun Progress.
 Thunderbird '94 -- J. Walter Thompson, Mexico
 PDI works with one of Mexico's biggest commercial directors, Pedro Torres, using morph to unveil the 1994 Thunderbird.
 Knorr Soup -- Omnibus, Tokyo, Japan
 Prompted by a BlueBell Ice Cream spot with Metzdorf-Stone, New York, where PDI animators generated singing cows and smiling pigs, Shinya Nakajima, winner of the 1993 Grand Prix at Cannes puts his directorial talents to work for Omnibus and Knorr Soup, Japan along with PDI animators, who are currently hard at work getting cows to sing in Japanese.
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Date:Sep 22, 1993
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