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PDA approves hydrogen peroxide for use in irrigation water.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) has approved a 24(c) Special Local Needs registration of B-Cap(R) 50 Microbial Agent. This hydrogen peroxide product can be used for whitening mushrooms and reducing bacteria with irrigation water applied to mushrooms.


While available to all growers in Pennsylvania, this product is approved for use by growers who are organically certified. The alternative product to hydrogen peroxide, calcium hypochlorite, cannot be used for organic mushroom production in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania Certified Organics (PCO) has reviewed the B-Cap 50 Microbial Agent label for mushroom use and will allow this label for certified organic production in Pennsylvania.

Growers who use B-Cap 50 Microbial Agent must have a copy of the 24(c) label at the time of application. Growers should remember, as with all pesticides, it is a violation of Federal law to use a pesticide product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Growers should follow all applicable directions, restrictions, and precautions on the EPA-registered label.

The label outlines the proper application directions which can be made when the mushroom pins form, 10 days after casing, and up to six times prior to harvest. Two or three applications can be made between the first and second breaks and between the second and third breaks. This product can be used up to and including the day of harvest.

Our thanks go to Phil Coles, Giorgi Mushroom and chairman of the AMI Integrated Pest Management Committee; Drs. David Beyer and Robert Beelman, Penn State; and Ollinger, AMI consultant, and LuAnn Maloney of FMC for their work in preparing the request for this special registration. We also appreciate the quick and positive response to our request by John Lake of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Laura Phelps AMI President

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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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