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PCT's new range of coiling machines is capable of packaging 8-inch HDPE pipe into road transportable coils. Coil lengths of up to 400 feet or 300 feet, can be produced on the smaller machine, with overall coil dimensions not exceeding 136 inches in diameter and 48-inches wide. On the larger machine, which has a coil width capacity of 8 feet, these lengths can be doubled, enabling the supply of coil lengths of up to 800 feet.


Supplying pipe in coils rather than in sticks results in the number of joints being significantly reduced, potentially by up to 90 percent, resulting in lower installation costs, shorter installation times and highly improved pipeline integrity over its lifetime. These benefits, which have so far been limited to installations of pipe sizes of 6 inches or smaller, can now be realized on 8-inch pipe installations.

The machines can also be used for 3-, 4- and 6-inch pipe offering the benefit of reduced pipe out of roundness, particularly on 6-inch pipe, resulting in no requirement for re-rounding on site when the pipe is uncoiled. As well as Low Ovality Coiling Technology, machine features include; integrated coil unload arm, powered guide to restrain pipe end and automatic pipe layering system. Optional features include automatic strapping and wheel mounting. 216.916.1922,
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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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