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PCFA towards aggressive promotional campaign.

PCFA Towards Aggressive Promotional Campaign

Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association by the virtue of playing a vital role in upgrading the status of Fashion Apparel Industry has now become a symbol of commercial integrity. This Association is not too old. It was licensed by the Government of Pakistan in the year 1983. Since its establishment the membership has risen more than 500 and about 300 members have their own manufacturing facility whereby giving direct employment to almost 150,000 people. Soon after its inception and until today the Association continues to render its valuable services to members in a most efficient manner. In addition on regular job of monitoring of export quotas, our main emphasis has always been to take effective majors to help its members to promote marketing of fashion garments.

Thus we undertake to offer intensified and continued assistance to exporters in order to secure better chances to compete in the international market. We also maintain constant information link with our members who are constantly kept informed with upto date information by the prompt issuance of circulars which keeps the members in touch with all policy changes at home and other vital informations pertaining to ever changing conditions in the clothing world. The research and development cell of the association also comprises of a reference library which contains valuable literature with regard to the apparel industry.

Now, we would like to throw some light on the most important activity of the association and that is about holding the Fashion Apparel Fair. The need for holding such a fair was felt way back in 1987 and it was decided to launch a promotional programme on international style and pattern. The decision at that time proved to be of great significance, as in the time to come the exports of readymade garment in Pakistan got an appreciable boost in the overall export figures. The first fashion apparel fair met with initial success whereby substantial business was booked by the exhibitors. It was this, encouraging response which made the fair committee of the Association to make this fair a regular feature in our country. The consequent fairs that were held in 1988, 1989 and 1990 were an overwhelming success. With same zeal and intensified efforts we are looking forward to the forthcoming Fashion Apparel Fair FAF'91 which is being held from September 7 - 9, 1991 at the Karachi Sheraton. This fair will one more time show collections of Apparel and Hometextiles made of Cotton and Blended Fabric and Spring and Summer 1992. In addition to machinery, collection of fabric will also be displayed in the fair accordingly.

Apart from Fashion Apparel Fair which has become a regular feature of our country, I would like to throw some light on other promotional activities in collaboration with foreign agencies. In order to streamline the apparel industry on international pattern, the services of the G.T.Z. an Import Promotion Agency of the Government of West Germany was secured. The agency has prepared a comprehensive report on product development and marketing advice for the Pakistani clothing manufacturers to identify their chances in the market in a better way. Keeping in view the sentiments as stated above phasewise orientation programme was chalked out with the collaboration of G.T.Z. A delegation of 10 Pakistani manufacturers exporters of apparel had visited ISPO and IGEDO German fairs and also witnessed the working of several German manufacturing units and fashion houses accordingly. Under the 2nd phase programme a German designer has already visited Pakistan to help prepare collections suitable for display in ISPO and Internjeans in W. Germany. It would be not out of way to mention here that the office-bearers of the Association who are also exporters of repute, inspite of their busy schedule are rendering selfless and sincere services by paying full attention to the affairs of Association for the betterment of Fashion Apparel Trade.

With profound sentiments of upholding the image of our Apparel Industry it is absolutely necessary for us to re-examine the entire situation prevailing nowadays for boosting our national economy. As experienced through organising Fashion Apparel Fair, we would suggest that our textile sector particularly Apparel unit should be opened to foreigners-both for investment and employment so that we can get into the world market with the help of worldwide marketing chain.

The concept of export led economy and industrial growth have been vogue for some years, now without considering the crucial truth that significant growth in export cannot be achieved without first having the exportable surplus of manufactured items. Thus the concept of growth-led exports needs all the emphasis that it commands. Greater exports will follow as a natural corollary because meaningful industrial growth will lead to substantially higher value of export.

In the context of aggressive campaign of export promotion in the shape of Fashion Apparel Fair our Association has planned to re-organise our industry keeping in view all the aspect of competition in the international market around the world. Thus, for production of high quality value added garments the need for highly trained technicians can not be over emphasized. To indigenously produce highly trained technicians and designers, a technical training institute is proposed to be established on most modern line preferably with foreign technical collaboration. In this connection preparatory work has already been done by the Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association. The proposal has already been approved by the Government of Pakistan. In the end I am sure that our sincere efforts will make us able to achieve the main objectives of holding the fair and we will certainly be able to gain valuable foreign exchange for our country.
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Title Annotation:Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Author:Sarwar, Sh. Shoukat
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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