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PC-1 of 37 development schemes approved for Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD, May 11, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Islamabad Development Working Party (IDWP) has approved the PC-1 of 37 development schemes for the uplift of rural areas of Islamabad, police department as well as Sessions Divisions. The formal approval of PC-1 of 14 new and 23 revised schemes was given in a meeting of Islamabad Development Working Party chaired by the Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Tariq Mahmood Pirzada on Tuesday. Some of schemes approved in principle subject to the vetting and examination by the Planning and Development Division. The meeting was attended by the Chiefs of (Water), (Agriculture), (PP and H), (DAD), (Health Sector) of Planning and Development Division Islamabad , Director Development / Finance Rana Akbar Hayat , Chief Engineer Pak . PWD , Deputy Financial Advisor (ID) Ministry of Interior, SSP Headquarters Islamabad, officials of various departments of ICT Administration, Capital Development Authority and Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad. The meeting approved three new development schemes subject to lifting of ban and clearance by the Planning and Development Division related to the ICT Police including security measures for Police Barracks in Sector F-7/2 at a cost of Rs. 3.846 million providing drainage and sewerage system and construction of approach road within the premises of Police line Headquarters , H-11 at a cost of Rs. 59.058 million , construction of boundary wall around the premises of 96 flats and their renovation in Sector G-9/1 at a cost of Rs. 43.078 million. The meeting also approved construction of residential accommodation for the officials of Sessions Division category -IV flats phase-111 revised PC-1 of the scheme. Two revised development schemes were also approved for vetting, further examination and clearance by the Planning and Development Division , related to the District Health Department ICT under which two Rural Health Centers at Tarlai and Sihala at a cost of Rs. 25.013 million and 14 Basic Health Units at a cost of Rs. 57.893 million situated in the rural areas of Islamabad would be up-lifted, rehabilitated and renovated for providing best health care facilities to the peoples of rural areas. Under the Public Sector Development Programme , the IDWP approved 7 new development schemes and 11 revised schemes with a total estimated cost of Rs. 889.900 million for the uplift of rural areas including water supply schemes at Kot Hathial , Sohan and adjoining Dhokes , construction of roads at Kot Hathial , streets pavements at villages Shahdra / Mohra Noor , Tarlai , Sohan , street pavements in 9 villages of Tarlai , widening of Jandala road , Athal Mera Begal road, construction of 6 kilometre roads in union councils Koral and 9 kilometre roads in Rewat and Sihala , rehabilitation of Herno Darkala and Dhoke Banaras road , Pagh Panwal road , Bukhari road , three culverts at Kot Hathial ,revamping of Shadra Road , rehabilitation of Simly Dam road, construction of Nullah at Athal Chowk Bhara Kau , improvement of Nilore Area , Bangial , Dhok Maskeen , Agla Mohra roads. Under the Islamabad Development Package Programme, the meeting approved 3 revised and 6 new development schemes with a total cost of Rs. 410.588 million for the uplift of rural area of Islamabad including providing drinking water supply facilities, construction/ rehabilitation of street at Malpur Bhara Kau, construction of rural roads in Tumair, solid waste management in 6 union councils of Islamabad. Cost of feasibility study of construction of bridges in the rural area would be determined by the Planning and Development Division, and also street pavements in Jhang Bangial , Mohallah Suban Sayedian Dhok Bajrion , Mohallah Ch , Dakhli Shadra Kalan , village chuckal , sihala and construction of protection wall and street pavements in Noorpur Shahan and Rumly Dhoks. The meeting also approved 6 new schemes in the education sector to examination and vetting by the Planning and Development Division under the Islamabad Development Package Programme including construction of 31 additional class rooms in the existing educational institutions in Sector Nilore at cost of Rs. 52.719 million, construction of 29 additional class room in the existing F.G educational institutions in Tarnol at a cost of Rs 49. 317 million, construction of 29 additional class rooms in Bhara Kau of existing FG educational institutions at a cost of Rs 49. 317 million , transport facilities for the students and teachers of existing FG Higher Secondary Schools in the rural area at a cost of Rs. 59.755 million , construction of 30 additional class rooms in existing FG educational institutions in the rural area , 31 additional class room construction in the existing FG educational institutions in Sihala at cost of Rs. 52.890 million. Period of two schemes relating to improvement of milk and meat production by artificial insemination services and upgradation of veterinary hospitals was also extended . Schemes relating to Water conservation through high efficiently and irrigation system was also approved. The meeting of IDWP also approved a scheme relating to Civil Defence for improvement and development at a cost of Rs 18.691 million. Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Tariq Mahmood Pirzada said that all-out efforts were under way to bring the rural areas at par with the urban area and raising the living standard of peoples of rural areas. Providing best health care, educational and drinking water facilities, building infrastructure and development of agriculture in the rural areas is priority of the administration, he added.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:May 11, 2011
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