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PC Data: Console, PC Games Industry Sales Top $7.4 Billion in 1999.

RESTON, Va., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. retail sales of interactive console and PC games reached a new high with more than $7.4 billion in 1999, according to figures by PC Data. This represented a 20.7 percent increase over 1998 with most of the growth coming in the videogame market.

Of the three segments that comprise the industry, sales of console video game software were $3.75 billion and accounted for 50.5 percent of the industry's total revenues. Console video game hardware and PC game software split the remaining 30.9 percent and 18.6 percent respectively.

The Sony Playstation remained the dominant console platform and accounted for 47.4 percent of all video game hardware and software units sold and 43.2 percent of revenue.

Nintendo's Game Boy platform demonstrated the greatest growth. With the late 1998 release of its Game Boy "Color" system and four hugely successful Pokemon titles, unit sales for Game Boy software increased 185 percent. Likewise, revenue increased 226 percent over 1998.

Nintendo reclaimed its title as the leading video game software publisher, claiming all of the top five best-selling video games titles. With 43 percent of Nintendo's total software sales, the Pokemon franchise in turn spurred Nintendo's unit sales by 46.6 percent, broadening the publisher's software market share from 22.6 percent in 1998 to 25.3 percent in '99.

As a result, Nintendo's dollar sales increased 29.9 percent, which raised its share of the video game software revenue from 23.6 percent to 25.5 percent. The year's top five best-selling video game titles (in descending order) were Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Pinball and Donkey Kong 64.

Sony (including 989 Studios) was the video game industry's second leading publisher in 1999 with 13.9 percent of unit sales and 17.3 percent of revenue. For the second consecutive year, Gran Turismo was Sony's top-selling title and was the top title on the Playstation platform.

Rounding off the top five video game publishers in 1999 were Electronic Arts with 10.7 percent unit share and 11.6 percent dollar share; Midway with 4.7 percent unit share and 5.1 percent dollar share; and Acclaim, with 4.3 percent unit share and 4.7 percent dollar share.

Sega re-entered the video game market with the September '99 release of its Dreamcast system and eleven supporting titles. It ranked as the Number 13 video game software publisher with 2.6 unit share and 3.5 percent revenue share.

In the PC game arena, Havas Interactive again claimed the year's leading publisher spot with two titles in the 1999 top-sellers list -- Half-Life (Number 6) and Starcraft (Number 5). Havas claimed a unit share of 16.8 percent and a dollar share of 15.7 percent.

The second most popular PC game publisher was Electronic Arts with 13.1 percent unit share and 14.3 percent revenue share. Electronic Arts' Sim City 3000 was the second best-selling PC game title of the year. Hasbro Interactive, publisher of 1999's top seller Roller Coaster Tycoon, accounted for 12.5 percent of unit sales and 12.3 percent of revenues. Its long-standing hit Frogger placed ninth for the year.

"Growth in 1999 was driven almost entirely by the videogame software market, which represented more than half of the combined console and computer game sales," said Matt Gravett, game analyst for PC Data. "The Pokemon phenomenon was a major contributor to growth, as was the introduction of Sega's Dreamcast and the deep discounting of Nintendo's N64 platform."

Based in Reston, VA, PC Data has been providing point-of-sale data and analysis since 1991 and has become a primary comprehensive source of software and hardware sales information. PC Data supplies sales information to more than 800 software and hardware firms, which account for nearly 95% of total computer industry sales. The company's PC Data Online division provides state- of-the-art Internet site monitoring and survey service.

Top Selling PC Games of 1999
 Rank Title Publisher Price
 1 MP Roller Coaster Tycoon Hasbro Interactive $28
 2 Sim City 3000 Electronic Arts $42
 3 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Disney $19
 4 Microsoft Age Of Empires II:
 Age Of Kings Microsoft $43
 5 Starcraft Havas Interactive $28
 6 Half-Life Havas Interactive $32
 7 Command & Conquer 2:
 Tiberian Sun Electronic Arts $40
 8 Microsoft Flight Simulator Microsoft $43
 9 Frogger
 Hasbro Interactive $19
 10 Baldur's Gate Interplay $39

 Top Selling Console Video Games of 1999

 Rank Title Publisher Format Price
 1 Pokemon Yellow Nintendo Game Boy $25
 2 Pokemon Blue Nintendo Game Boy $26
 3 Pokemon Red Nintendo Game Boy $26
 4 Pokemon Pinball Nintendo Game Boy Color $29
 5 Donkey Kong 64 Nintendo Nintendo 64 $60
 6 Gran Turismo Sony Playstation $27
 7 Pokemon Snap Nintendo Nintendo 64 $50
 8 Super Smash Bros Nintendo Nintendo 64 $51
 9 Final Fantasy VIII SquareEA Playstation $50
 10 Driver GT Interactive Playstation $40
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