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PBS Reveals US Air Date For 'Victoria' Season 2.

"Victoria" is returning! Season 2 of the historical drama, which stars Jenna Coleman as the young Victoria, will premiere in the U.K. on Aug. 27. Unfortunately, U.S. viewers will have to wait several months for the series to release stateside.

PBS revealed that "Victoria" Season 2 premieres Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018. An exact time slot has yet to be announced, but it will be part of the Masterpiece programming block again. Season 2 will consist of eight episodes, followed by a two-hour Christmas special. 

"Victoria" will pick up about a month after the end of ( Season 1 , which aired last winter. The queen will be adjusting to motherhood after the birth of her daughter, whose gender disappoints many around her. Victoria will be balancing her new role as a parent with her duties as a monarch.

The queen will be handling various international issues in Season 2. The Anglo-Afghan War will start, and the Irish potato famine will leave many in danger of starvation. Victoria must also prepare for a royal state visit to France.

The drama, which was watched by over 16 million viewers in the U.S. last season, will tackle the Industrial Revolution too. ( Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) will struggle to figure out where he belongs as his wife becomes busy with the new baby and her royal duties. Albert will keep himself occupied with all the new technology that is coming. However, along with innovation can come scandal and danger.

"There is Charles Babbage's mechanical calculator, a collaborative project with the bewitching Ada Lovelace, daughter of the scandalous Lord Byron. Then there is William Fothergill Cooke's miraculous electrical telegraph, not to mention Marc Isambard Brunel's daring - and dangerous - Thames Tunnel," the synopsis warns.

Expect new faces when "Victoria" Season 2 starts. "( Game of Thrones " fans will be delighted to see that Dame Diana Rigg will be on TV again. The Lady Olenna Tyrell actress will play the Duchess of Buccleuch, the queen's new Mistress of the Robes. She'll give Victoria some sound advice next year.

Rigg isn't the only guest star this season. Expect appearances from Emerald Fennell ("Call The Midwife"), Martin Compston ("In Plain Sight"), Bruno Wolkowitch ("Spin") and Denis Lawson ("Marchlands").

Don't worry, your favorite characters will return as well. Sir Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) will play the reforming prime minister who is "at odds with his sovereign over policy." Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming), will still be around, and of course, she and Victoria will continue to fight constantly. The Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) is now a retired prime minister and a mentor to the queen. Baroness Lehzen (Daniella Holtz) will be back as well.

The palace needs their staff, of course. Head steward Penge (Adrian Schiller) will be around, and Nancy Skerrett (Nell Hudson) will still be hiding secrets after her promotion to chief dresser. Nancy broke Charles Francatelli's (Ferdinand Kingsley) heart last season on "Victoria," but he will still be the royal chef next year. Will it be awkward when they cross paths?

Let's not forget Albert's family. His brother Prince Ernest (David Oakes) will be around to get into trouble and get new titles. He'll become Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha after their promiscuous father (Andrew Bicknell) dies.

Viewers will have to wait until January to find out more about "Victoria" Season 2. 
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