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THE Richardson family is still struggling to come to terms with the terror of the abduction and robbery, neighbours said yesterday.

Mum Marie and her two teenage sons were abducted from their home on the Ashcroft estate in Raheny, Dublin, on Sunday night and left gagged and freezing up the Dublin mountains for hours.

Husband Paul was forced to take a Securicor van full of cash and rendezvous with the gang.

He was released at 10am on Monday morning - about the same time that Marie, Kevin, 17, and Ian, 13, managed to free themselves and make their way to Stepaside garda station.

One neighbour who has spoken to the family on the phone said: "Marie is in relatively good spirits. She's bearing up okay. But it seems that Paul and the boys are still extremely shaken.

"She is a strong person and is trying to remain positive although obviously she is still suffering from shock. I'm sure she will be more able to talk as the days go by."

The Richardsons may return home today when garda forensic teams have finished examining the scene. Yesterday officers constructed a mould cast of a footprint in a flowerbed in the Richardsons' front garden, while teams of gardai combed the surrounding area. Friend Pat Kirwan said: "It is dreadfully unfortunate that this happened now because one of the neighbours was planning to erect a security camera. He just didn't get it installed in time."

Paul, Marie and their sons have all spoken to gardai. Securicor is also conducting its own investigation.


ABDUCTION: Forensic officers at the Richardson's house; TERROR: Marie Richardson, top, and her husband Paul
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2005
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