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GENERAL CHAT THE Cairngorms mountain Bod an Deamhain, or "penis of the demon", is usually translated into English as "The Devil's Point".

BIN lorries in Taiwan play music to alert residents to bring out their rubbish.

THE names of UK businesses which include the word "Scottish" outnumber those including the word "English"by four to one.

THE pioneers of the French naturist movement were a Mr and Mrs Lecoq.

TUNNOCK'S teacakes aren't allowed in RAF planes in case they explode.

RUBBISH dumps cover seven per cent of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

THERE are more than 180 tons of rubbish on the Moon.

EVERY time there's a full moon, Sri Lanka has a public holiday.

A FIGHT broke out after the first indoor ice hockey match, between the players and people who wanted to go skating.

IN CHINA, public holidays last a week because it takes so long for people to travel across country to see relatives.

THE official names of Scotland's saltspreading trucks include Sir Andy Flurry, Ready Spready Go and Gritty Gritty Bang Bang.

MARCH 23 is a Bolivian public holiday called The Day of the Sea, when citizens of the landlocked country mourn the loss of its coastline in 1893.

ASTON Martin have developed a luxury submarine.

THE Icelandic equivalent of 'the cherry on top" is "rusinan i pylsuendanum", or "the raisin at the end of the sausage".

LADDIE Boy, US president Warren Harding's dog, not only went to state meetings, he had his own chair.

A LUXURY hotel in Mexico provides each guest with a personalised sewing kit with thread that matches the clothes they're wearing.

FORTY thousand midges can land on a single human arm in one hour.

TURKMENISTAN has a public holiday to celebrate melons.

ALL Olympic curling stones come from Ailsa Craig, an uninhabited island off the coast of Ayrshire.

IN THE 19th century, the US Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes are vegetables.

CLIMATE change is causing ancient mummies to turn into black slime.

KING Ferdinand I of Naples had his enemies killed, stuffed, mummified and mounted in their everyday clothes.

ONLY seven of the UK's 2500 species of moth eat clothes.

A SPECIES of caterpillar eats coca leaves, then vomits cocaine on to its predators.

A CUMLIN is Scots for a pet cat that decides to go and live with new owners.

THE "Shouting Bomb", made by the US in 1957, was built to lecture the enemy for three minutes as it fell from the sky.

DURING World War II, Foyle's bookshop in London bomb-proofed itself by covering the roof with copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf.

WINNERS of the Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year include Living with Crazy Buttocks and Cooking with Poo.

BARBARA Cartland insisted on including the title of every one of her 723 novels in her Who's Who entry.

THE library at Balmoral Castle is heated by a two-bar electric fire.

POLICE in America arrest 100 firefighters per year for arson.

JAMES IV of Scotland paid people to let him extract their teeth.

POSTMAN Pat's full name is Patrick Clifton.

A PETITION to change the name of Bell End, in the West Midlands, was branded "a bit silly" by Stephen Young, 72, of Minge Lane, Worcester.

POSTING a letter from London to Edinburgh in 1818 cost as much as the average daily wage.

THE designer of the Spitfire hated its name. He said: "It's just the sort of bloody silly name they would choose."

BUMBLEBEES' penises explode at the end of sex.

SOME Scottish farmers use lasers to protect their livestock from eagles.

ONE per cent of middle-aged honeybees work as undertakers.

IN MEDIEVAL Scotland, the national drink was claret.

IN ACCORDANCE with her wishes, Elizabeth Taylor, right, was late for her own funeral.

THE population of Bangladesh is 114 per cent that of Russia's but lives in an area 115 times smaller.

IN 1926, Poland gave the US a 150th birthday card signed by 20 per cent of the population.

PERSHITTIE is a 19th-century Scots word meaning "hard to please".

A GOAT with the rank of lance corporal in the British Army was demoted for inappropriate behaviour on the Queen's birthday.

THE first tickets for the Glastonbury Festival cost PS1 and came with a free bottle of milk.

TO BE counted as an island in 19th-century Scotland, a piece of land had to have enough pasture to support one sheep.

THE Vatican uses milk from the Pope's cows to paint its buildings.

THE Pope has eight titles. None of them is "the Pope".

THE person who writes about legal marijuana for Forbes magazine is called Julie Weed.

ONLY two land animals live entirely on seaweed - the North Ronaldsay sheep and the Galapagos marine iguana.

SEA urchins wear dead hermit crabs as hats.

THE earliest re-enactments of the American Civil War took place during the American Civil War.

IN 2017, Glasgow was voted the most dangerous as well as the friendliest city Scotland.

THE world's shortest international bridge connects Spain to Portugal and 3.2 metres long.

YOU can rent a toboggan to travel between the Portuguese towns of Funchal and Monte.

MALE brown widow spiders prefer to mate with older females, even though they are more likely to be eaten by them afterwards.

THE first advert on Channel 5 was for Chanel No5.

HUMANS evolved eyebrows so they would look friendly to one another.

IN THE 10 seasons of Friends, the six main characters drink 1154 cups of coffee.

IN SEVENTEENTH century Japan, people put chillies in their socks to keep their toes warm.

SPRINKLING black pepper into a load of laundry will stop it fading.

CROWS can count to six.

IN 2012, thieves in the Czech Republic stole an entire ski lift.

STONEHENGE was built by the Welsh.

CHINA'S Tomb-Sweeping Day is for tending relatives' graves, and for young couples to have first dates.

OIL Nationalisation Day is a public holiday in Iran.

BARACK Obama wore the same dinner jacket at formal occasions for all eight years of his presidency.

US president Calvin Coolidge made his sons wear tuxedos at dinner.

AT the age of 69, author Victor Hugo had sex with 40 people in five months.

IN 2017, employees at a Manchester call centre were punished by having a dead squid dropped on their faces.

THE first Western eyewitness account of India described it as having ants the size of foxes.

XMAS BANTER GOATS produce more milk when listening to Mariah Carey singing All I Want for Christmas Is You.

DURING the Christmas truce of 1914 in World War I, a British soldier got a haircut from a German who used to be his barber in London.

CARP soup is a popular Christmas dish in Poland. It's good luck to keep the scales in your wallet until the following festive season.

THE Christmas Tree Grower Council of Europe holds its Christmas party in June.

THE first person to use the phrase "Merry Christmas" was also the first to use the word "Prosecco".

IN 1972, Peru banned Santa Claus from appearing on radio and TV.

SANTA'S helpers in Iceland include the Spoon Licker, the Door Sniffer and the Sausage Swiper.

GOOD Icelandic children get presents at Christmas, naughty ones get rotten potatoes.

KING Henry II of England had a court jester called Roland the Farter whose Christmas dance featured a jump, a whistle and the sound of breaking wind.

A YULESHARD is someone who is still preparing for Christmas on Christmas Eve.

BUYING every gift mentioned in The Twelve Days of Christmas would cost PS27,016.92.

COMPOSER Irving Berlin won the Best Original Song Oscar for White Christmas, then presented the statuette to himself.

THE people of Santo Tomas, Peru, celebrate Christmas by holding village punch-up.

THE French don't have Christmas pudding or Christmas crackers.

EIGHT per cent of Icelanders eat ptarmigan at Christmas.

The past tense of "snow" used to be "snew".

SNOW fleas contain natural antifreeze.

IT IS only safe to eat snow that has fallen within the last half-day.

CHRISTMAS Island has a bridge built specially for crabs.

FROM 1541 to 1555, playing bowls was illegal for commoners, except on Christmas Day.

At 3pm on Christmas Eve, four in 10 Swedes watch Donald Duck.


BUSY MAN Victor Hugo. Above, teacakes are too dangerous for RAF

SACK HIM Door Sniffer helps Santa. Right, Mariah

BLOWN AWAY King Henry II had a farting jester

2,024 QI Facts, by John Lloyd, James Harkin and Anne Miller, is out now, Faber and Faber, PS9.99.
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