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THE BNP claim to be a respectable party, despite the violent criminal records of many of their members.

But one ex-activist told the Record that the racists rely on 'neds, bullies, football hooligans and pub loudmouths' for the little support they have.

The former insider said: 'I went along to the BNP because I wanted to be associated with a party that would have a firmer view on controlling immigration.

'But when I went to a few meetings, it became clear that all I was meeting was a bunch of neds.

'They had no awareness of political issues at all. They were just racist bullies who hated homosexuals, Jews and any other minority group.

'They were football hooligans and pub loudmouths who wanted some aggro with people who couldn't defend themselves.

'They want to have a white Britain and chuck anyone else out. I'm ashamed of ever being associated with them.

'At first the guys I met said all the right things, but it wasn't long before the masks slipped.

'They didn't have reasoned arguments to put forward and they were incapable of debate.

'I suppose I was naive, but I honestly thought they had moved away from knee-jerk reactions.

'It did take a while, but it gradually dawned on me that that was not the case.

'The BNP are still caught up in the same old politics of hate.

'I just thought, 'enough is enough' and got out of there.'


INSIDE STORY: Our expose
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 4, 2004
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