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PARTING IS SUCH STREET SORROW; Jam and hairdos as Hayley starts to say her final farewells.


No question about it, Coronation Street has handled the big cancer storyline brilliantly and the acting from David Neilson as Roy and Julie Hesmondhalgh as Hayley has been outstanding throughout its run.

Roy is overwhelmed as the Street community rallies round him. Tyrone and Kirk come back from Suffolk with a vanload of strawberries for Hayley, who knows she does not have much time left, while the district nurse delivers a wheelchair for Roy to help her around.

Emily suggests everybody make strawberry jam for their friend. Hayley, who also gets a free hairdo at the salon, is touched by the gesture.

It's not the only drama in the Street, however, as Stella catches Dev's eye and although Kal sees him looking at her, Dev claims they're just good friends.

Phelan shows Owen his plans for the mill conversion. Owen says he's interested and promises him a firm answer within 24 hours.

Eileen's night goes from bad to worse after she catches Todd and Marcus about to snog. She's furious with Todd and accuses him of trying to wreck Marcus and Maria's relationship.


Coronation Street isn't the only soap dealing with a cancer storyline, as Carol Jackson recently discovered a lump on her breast.

With the realisation that she has cancer hitting home, she finds her family are brought closer together.

She decides that she needs to escape Albert Square to clear her head and goes to see her daughter Sonia, who tells her that she should do what makes her happy when it comes to David.

The Carters are set for a shock of their own when they discover some bad news about The Vic.


The calendar may have changed to January 2014 but it's the same conflict–filled landscape in Emmerdale as Sam is arrested and charged with causing the fire at Home Farm.

In startling scenes, a police car pulls up when Rachel and Sam are talking about getting married. Sam tries his best to scarper but hurts his ankle. Poor Rachel breaks down as he's escorted to the police car, while Sam is adamant it's not a fair cop when the police tell him about their new evidence against him.

He then accuses Declan of setting him up, but the police aren't willing to listen.

Later, Charity and Declan try to coerce Rachel into supporting their story but surely she won't be convinced to go along with it...


The day of Sinead and Freddie's wedding has come around but, as ever in Soapland, things aren't going to go off without any problems.

The nuptials are put in jeopardy when, convinced that her fiance is sleeping with Lindsey, Sinead asks his brother Robbie to help her get revenge.

The big question is just what does she have planned and will the big day be ruined?

Indeed, there are plenty of questions to be answered in Hollyoaks this week as Grace resolves to get her own back on the person who came between her and Trevor, but just how far will she go?


Jamie is struggling this week as the realisation of what the charges against him mean. With a trial date set and Alex deciding to reopen Slate without him, he comes to the conclusion that, in the eyes of the world, he is guilty until proven innocent.

To prove his innocence he tries to gather a profile of Zinnie's past and back up his case and learns some startling truths about her.

But when he runs into a protective Gabriel, he is attacked and left bloodied and bruised, collapsing in the street.


The fued between Terese and Paul shows no sign of abating as we move in to the New Year. So Lucy Robinson flies in to try and sort things out between them.

However, her threat to remove Paul from the Lassiters chain unless he begins to act reasonably doesn't have the required effect as he calls her bluff.

There's plenty more drama when Georgia and Gem's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, leaving them stranded without food, but Gem's attempts to stop Georgia leaving have dire consequences.


A merger between Summer Bay and Mangrove River high schools may not seem the most obvious place to look for conflict but when Heath discovers that the Mangrove River principal is Ms Montgomery, the teacher responsible for his time in juvenile detention, he is horrified. And when she tries to gain priority over Bianca, it's clear this is not going to be a friendly merger.

Dex is in trouble too, as his premature Facebook announcement gets his and April's engagement off to a bumpy start.


GOODBYE ROY and Hayley



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