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UGS Corp., Plano, Texas a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, has announced its Parasolid(R) geometric component modeling software enabled Gamma Technologies Inc. to respond rapidly to evolving customer needs by adding 3D modeling capabilities to its GEM3D software. By leveraging Parasolid's industry leading quality, functionality and easy-to-use development toolkit, Gamma was able to achieve this far more quickly and effectively than by any other means available.

"By building its software applications on top of Parasolid, Gamma Technologies is able to deliver real value to its customers while creating tangible business value for itself," said Bruce Feldt, vice president of Open Tools, UGS. "As the geometric modeling foundation for nearly two million end users in more than 300 of the world's leading computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications, Parasolid continues to create value throughout the industry and around the world."

The new GEM3D software adds 3-D modeling capability to Gamma's GT-SUITE of engine simulation solutions and responds to customer interest in linking Gamma's GT-SUITE and GT-POWER simulation solutions with 3-D CAD modeling. With the new Parasolid-enabled GEM3D tool, engineers can import 3D CAD models into GT-SUITE, create and add new components, and then prepare them in an automated way for CAE analysis by GT-SUITE.

"Gamma Technologies has always strived to bring to the market the most advanced engine simulation tools, giving our customers a significant competitive advantage," said Thomas Morel, president and founder of Gamma Technologies. "By leveraging the high quality, industry-tested 3D capabilities of Parasolid, we were able to focus all of our efforts on our core expertise and deliver our new GEM3D solution to market in a much shorter time with significantly reduced development cost."

Parasolid is a key software product in UGS' PLM Components suite of solutions and provides the geometric modeling foundation for many of the world's leading computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications. UGS develops Parasolid, uses it throughout its product development applications and licenses it to independent software vendors (ISVs) and end-user organizations on a "level playing field" policy designed to ensure all licensees have equal access to Parasolid updates and enhancements.

About Gamma Technologies Inc.

Gamma develops and licenses GT-SUITE - an integrated suite of CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software tools. GT-SUITE, which incorporates GT- POWER, is the first true "virtual engine / powertrain / vehicle" simulation tool. The product makes it possible for engineering professionals to model engine performance, vehicle dynamics, valvetrain dynamics, cooling systems, fuel injection systems, and cranktrain dynamics. With over 260 customers worldwide, Gamma is the faraway leader in its field. Its products are used by nearly all leading engine and vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide, among them General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Renault, PSA, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Hyundai, to name just a few. For more information about Gamma Technologies and its products, visit

About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with nearly 4 million licensed seats and 46,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, UGS' vision is to enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through global innovation networks to deliver world-class products and services while leveraging UGS' open enterprise solutions, fulfilling the mission of enabling them to transform their process of innovation.

For more information, visit or call 314/264-8216 or call 630/325-5848 or visit
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Publication:CAD/CAM Update
Date:Nov 1, 2006

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